Database Security Company Imperva Plans to Acquire Incapsula, Skyfence


Database security company Imperva plans to acquire cloud-based security company Incapsula and cloud security gateway startup SkyFence.

The three companies hope to provide a suit of services aimed at the estimated $155 billion cloud security market, expected to grow to $210 billion by 2016.

In an official announcement released by his company, Shlomo Kramer, CEO of Imperva, explained (PDF).

“Our acquisition strategy for Skyfence and Incapsula are very similar. We seeded Incapsula four years ago because we recognized that cloud delivery would change the web application security landscape.”

Imperva says it anticipates a continued migration of businesses of all sizes to the cloud. Mark Kraynak, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing for Imperva ads:

“For some time now, we’ve seen our customers take advantage of cloud-based services to reduce costs and increase flexibility. However, moving applications and data off-premise causes new and very significant risk exposure for organizations. The strategy we are unveiling today comprehensively addresses the dangerous security gaps raised by the move to the cloud.”

Imperva, an early seed investor of Incapsula, believes the combined resources of all three companies will fill a vital need for companies moving to the cloud. That’s because the company claims many existing security systems were built for on-premises versus in the cloud applications.

Incapsula started with a small business focus. We here at Small Business Trends use Incapsula, by the way. Chief Technology Officer at Small Business Trends, Leland McFarland, explains:

“Incapsula has been a very good resource. I love that not only does it speed up the site, but it also adds a good layer of protection. It sure has made my life a lot easier.”

With the acquisition announcement, the focus seems to be on enterprise customers. We’re wondering if this suggests a shift in focus.

Imperva markets an integrated security platform currently used by over 3,000 customers in more than 75 countries, the company says.

Image: Incapsula


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  1. I think that it is a wise decision since both companies are in the same field. This is good news for the company as it will further strengthen the security services that it offers.