Pinterest Marketing Tool Discover Can Give Better View of Your Brand

Pinterest Marketing Tool Discover Can Give Better View of Your Brand

Tailwind, the analytics and marketing suite specifically for Pinterest, has announced an interesting new service called Discover. The company claims it is the first ever targeted Pinterest marketing tool, and will seamlessly integrate into the existing Tailwind suite.

Discover will give a more “holistic view” of a company’s customers, community and brand. Companies will be able to see all Pinterest content related to a campaign, including pins from the brand’s website, repins from their Pinterest profile and recent pins about related topics.

The company says the new tool allows users to:

  • Track the increase in followers, repins, likes and comments for your brand and compare growth in engagement across various time periods.
  • Measure Key Performance Indicators including virality, fan engagement level and content engagement rate. You can also benchmark and compare your results with competitors.
  • Analyze content performance by category, keyword, hashtag and pin.

Discover has been compared to Twitter listening and monitoring tools. But since Pinterest is based on images, Tailwind believes that their tool provides a different kind of insight. In an official release on the new tool, Tailwind CEO and Co-Founder Danny Maloney explains:

“Yesterday’s listening and monitoring tools use simple text-based analysis or outdated pixel-matching technology, which simply do not serve the needs of today’s visual marketer. In a visual world, real insights come from understanding the complete context of an image – including accompanying text, as well as image analysis and factors such as where the content originated. Tailwind provides such insights, helping marketers engage customers in meaningful ways that drive awareness, purchase intent and brand loyalty.”

Tailwind is positioning Discover as a way to engage with people in real-time on Pinterest, and to build a “targeted community” which will include influential pinners in their area of expertise.

Prices start at $29 a month for the Lite plan, but the $99 monthly Professional package is prominently displayed. Each package has a 14 day free trial. For most small businesses, the $29 monthly package should be more than enough.

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  1. Great Article. I am Trying to Improve my Online Business by Pinterest. Your Post is Really Helpful. Thank you very much for Sharing.

  2. Mark,

    Although I haven’t wrapped my arms totally around Pinterest, I do Pin things there.

    Anything that can help track things in our vast social media universe is a plus.

    The Franchise King®

  3. Wait. Is this like Hashtag for Pinterest? I may be mistaken but that’s how I understand it. If it is, it will allow an easy way to follow pins. But I am not yet sure on how it works.

  4. Pinterest is one of my favorite social media tool and this will only make me like it even more. Thanks for the sharing the info.