RingByName Announces White-Label Availability of their Cloud PBX for Business

MIAMI, Feb. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — RingByName, an innovative cloud based telephone company, announced today that its groundbreaking product is available on a white-label basis for businesses that want to offer a branded Cloud PBX to their customers while avoiding significant upfront investment of money and time.

RingByName is currently used by hundreds of businesses in the US, Canada, and throughout Latin America.  The foundation of RingByName is an agile telephony platform which has provided reliable service to tens of thousands of businesses for more than a decade.

The white-labeled user and administrative interfaces and text to speech capabilities are available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.  User and administrative interfaces are accessible and ideally-formatted on popular browsers on all PCs, laptops, tablet, and smartphones.

“We are excited to offer RingByName as a white-label service,” said Kooi Lim, CEO of RingByName. “After proving RingByName’s appeal to SMBs through our direct marketing and sales efforts and successfully launching multiple white-label partnerships, the time is right for us to seek additional white-label distributors worldwide.”

“The time for a white-label cloud phone service is right now,” echoes Matt Bramson, CSO of RingByName. “The adoption curve of services in this category is steepening and RingByName is a best-in-class product.  When our direct sales team and current white-label partners demo RingByName, businesses buy – it’s just that simple.  The positive impact RingByName will have on their business is obvious and once they see that, they want it immediately. ”

White-labeled RingByName is available immediately to qualified distributors worldwide.

About RingByName:

RingByName is an innovative cloud-based phone service that greets callers by name, offers powerful call management capabilities and integrates perfectly with the most popular software and systems available. Used primarily by small and mid-sized businesses and organizations with less than 100 employees, RingByName can be packaged with phone numbers from dozens of countries; offered with any calling plan imaginable; and bundled with devices and other products and services. The company is headquartered in Miami and serves customers worldwide. RingByName provides native speaker customer support in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Press Release Contact Information:

Matt Bramson
Chief Strategy Officer
7206 NW 31st Street, Miami, FL 33122
Voice: (305) 728-6420
E-Mail: matt.bramson@ringbyname.com
Website: www.RingByName.com

For further information about RingByName, please contact us at 305-728-6462 or visit www.RingByName.com


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