Brandlogic Launches Journey Mapping Application TapDash

NEW YORK, March 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Brandlogic today announced the launch of TapDash at The Conference Board’s 2014 Customer Experience Conference, which brings together Fortune 500 business leaders from a variety of corporate sectors at the Ritz Carlton in New York City.

CEOs and industry leaders attending the conference today, including Fed Ex, M&T Bank, Southwest Airlines, and Walmart, among others, will receive a demonstration of the application at the conference as first-time users. The conference attendees will use Brandlogic’s TapDash to rate and provide detailed feedback on the day’s events. The new mobile application is an innovative journey mapping tool that offers corporations real-time customer response in order to measure customer experience simultaneous to brand interaction.

“TapDash is a user-friendly application that can help build true understanding of customer experience as it is occurring, particularly industries that directly engage with customers such as healthcare, travel, tourism, hospitality – the list is endless,” said Hampton Bridwell, CEO of Brandlogic. “Our consulting and digital teams have really come up with a novel mobile application and dashboard software. We are excited to offer clients this exciting combination of consulting and technology that can improve service levels and financial performance.”

TapDash provides a platform on mobile devices allowing customers to give continuous feedback in real-time during their engagement with a specific brand or even multiple brands. The application provides a solution for companies currently engaging in surveys, which fall victim to participation and customer recall, long after the customer experience has taken place. The TapDash application transmits real-time data analytics that is accurate, cost-efficient and highly structured data analytics to inform the improvement of the customer experience. The application resolves issues of survey return rates by encouraging engagement as experiences occur. TapDash is currently being introduced to industry sectors including transportation, hospitality, retail, entertainment, financial services and those with a need to understand important aspects of a customer’s ‘journey’ through with their brand.

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