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Feeling Wanted Can Help to Close the Sale

closing the sale

At my house we are in the throes of college selection for my high school senior. It has been an amazing experience and reminds me of a valuable sales lesson.

My son applied to six colleges on the advice of his guidance counselor. They are six schools he had determined might be a good fit for him and his area of study.

It says nothing about the schools that have been passionately courting him. Schools he didn’t consider have been trying to gain his interest as well. The schools that were courting him and the schools that accepted him have something in common – the approach they use to close the sale.

Closing the Sale by Feeling Wanted

The Courters

These are schools that have seen my sons records and would like him to attend their school. They write, they call, they have students call, and they invite him to events.They do just about everything they can think of to let him know they value him and want him as a student/client. They even reached out to us, his parents.

You see, if we are aware of how much they value our son – maybe we’d work on him from our end.

The Accepters

These are the schools that sent him acceptance letters. Well, actually, some of the schools called him or texted him to congratulate him on his acceptance.

They are so excited to welcome him to their school and they are sharing that excitement with him.

Talk About Feeling Wanted!

We can learn a lot about sales from this experience.

Prospective clients want to know that you really value them. That you want to do business with THEM. It isn’t enough to have a basic structure to your sales process. You have to create a plan that really highlights how much you want to do business with them specifically.

When a prospect feels like they matter to you, it changes the way they view a potential relationship with you. So, how can you:

Now is the time to create a program that you can launch and implement consistently. You can always adapt and adjust your plan as you roll along and learn more about those prospects and clients.

What would make them feel special?

Remember, it’s about them, not you. Developing a program that has an impact on them is the one that will make the most difference to your bottom line.