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Taking Care of Customers with FreshDesk

freshdesk review

Talking with your customers can be a full time job. Keeping track of various aspects of customer service might demand two of you. If you have struggled with managing a help desk, then Freshdesk brings a new approach a new world of customer service in the age of full email inboxes, online reviews, and social media.

With names like Toshiba, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and Goodreads using it, you can be assured of a quality way to manage questions and complaints. Freshdesk [1] has even created a way to keep your agents in the moment through a video game style point system at the “Estate” level of service.

One of their headlines says it all: Support customers everywhere they go.

Freshdesk Review

You have to love a free level of service that is as comprehensive as the basic plan Freshdesk offers its small business customers. Any small business could start at the free “Sprout” level and greatly improve their customer service experience for both agents and customers.

International businesses can opt for paid plans that offer unique ways to respond to multi-national customer support issues.

What I Really Like:

freshdesk review

What I’d Like to See:

freshdesk review

There are many customizable options with Freshdesk. You can even add an agent to the free level for $15 per month per agent. They offer monthly plans that range from $19 to $49 per agent per month or annual plans discounted to $16 to $40 per agent per month, when paid annually.

All the plans allow you to upgrade or downgrade at any time. Plus, as I already mentioned, you can add extra agents for very little cost, as you need them.

You can manage your customer requests and issues via email, but why? With powerful tools from Freshdesk, you can keep track of everything going on in your business and keep your customers extremely satisfied.