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What Kind Of Score Would Your Business Get On Sales and Marketing?

infusionsoft scorecard

Small business sales and marketing software company Infusionsoft [1] has a new free tool called the Small Business Sales and Marketing Scorecard [2]. It’s designed to show you what you could be doing better in your sales and marketing process.

Input your website URL and email address to examine your existing marketing strategy and sales performance. The scorecard grades you on specific areas where you can improve. Specifically, you’ll get feedback on how you are doing overall. But there will also be an evaluation of how you are doing with social media and lead capture. You then answer a series of questions to get deeper into the specifics of your sales and marketing process.

Specifically, the Scorecard grades on three stages of your company’s marketing and sales effort. The stages are part of what Infusionsoft calls the “Lifecycle Marketing Model.” The model is used to evaluate how you attract, sell and then “wow” customers. Here’s a look at what the scorecard evaluates in each stage.


The tool looks at who your ideal customers are so you can target them. This is best done by researching all useful information about them. It could include their demographics and where to find them online and in person. It could also include how you approach them and follow up with them later.


In this section, the scorecard looks at how you pursue closing that sale. As all good salespeople know, the best sales pitch is when you are solving a problem for the customer. A lot has to do with how and when you communicate with customers.


Here the scorecard evaluates how you deliver on your business’s promises. That way, they will refer you to their friends, and also keep coming back for more, too. This results in less marketing and promotion efforts, which will be cheaper for you in the long run.

Referrals are the key to keeping the business going. If people start referring you, then you know you’ve done something right. Word of mouth is invaluable.

Just to test the scorecard, we put in three well-known companies to see how they did. The results were surprising to say the least.

Apple, Microsoft, and Google all get an overall C!

Why the hiccup?

Seems they are all neglecting social media, and are lacking a subscriber email list. Oops, that’s rather embarrassing.