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Advanced Personal Brand Building Checklist

personal brand building tips

The Internet has made personal branding [1] a huge deal: Nowadays everyone can become a micro-celebrity. However, if you care about your professional footprint, personal brand search results and overall image – personal branding is actually a long, continuous process.

Below is a checklist of what needs to be done in order to get your personal brand under control as well as build your name meaningfully.

Personal Brand Building Tips

1. Verify Social Media Profiles

Social Media Profile Verification

Verified social media profiles stand out in search results and obviously make you look much more professional.

2. Claim Custom “Vanity” URLs

Custom "Vanity" URLs

If you are wondering why vanity URLs are awesome, you can do some reading here [7]. In a word, vanity URLs are easier to remember and type.

3. Build Your Personal Brand Assets


Leaving a trusted footprint online means doing your homework. Every bit counts. Any achievement, contribution or project involvement may become your strong personal brand asset.

Don’t be afraid to share your achievements creating more online presence. As an example, LinkedIn [9] allows you to add your certifications and sites like this one [10] let you add your license and get a profile page [11] on the site

4. Get Interviewed

Get Interviewed

Blog interviews are by far the most efficient way to get control over your name search results and get established as a niche influencer. It’s not easy if you are just starting out, but here are a few tips to help:

Did I miss anything?

Branding [15] Photo via Shutterstock