These Social Media Topics Dominate Our Community This Week

These Social Media Topics Dominate Our Community This Week

It’s time again for our community news and information roundup. Here are the discussions happening on the blogs and communities we follow. Let’s dig in.

Events are Going Social. (Patrick Nelissen)

You use social media to promote a big event before the fact, of course. But did you realize there are benefits to social interaction during and after as well? Entrepreneur Patrick Nelissen lists some of those here.

Are We Expecting Too Much? (The Woo)

When it comes to social media, Bambi Gordon sure thinks we are. She takes the time to discuss how too many businesses see social media as some kind of silver bullet. Gordon also discusses in the BizSugar community how marketing must be a mix.

This Blogging Advice Might Surprise You (Allison Barrett Carter)

It’s certainly an important part of your online marketing. But did you know that getting bogged down in the business of blogging may not produce the passionate posts that serve your brand best? Here blogger Allison Barrett Carter has some suggestions.

You Can Profit From Your Personal Brand. (Chris Ducker)

It’s true that personal branding is important. But so is developing a sustainable business model. Fortunately, you can do both at once, says Chris Ducker. In this post he outlines some simple ways to leverage your personal brand for profitability.

Don’t Freak Out Over Technical Issues. (Summit 7 Systems)

Technical problems are a fact of life for the modern entrepreneur. Here Jason Miller explains a fix to Lync for Mac, a business video conferencing and IM system built by Microsoft. Don’t panic when there’s a problem. Just get the right tech support.

What’s the Real Cost of Your Product? (Franchise Biz Directory)

If you want to spend big money on a McDonald’s franchise, it would be nice to know the cost of a Big Mac. Franchise correspondent Joel Libava shares an infographic. He then discusses a bit more about what it takes to be profitable.

How to Lead Like Walt Disney. (K.H.C Wealth Management)

Here Joni Lindquist lists the leadership lessons business owners can take from Disney’s career. These lessons about vision and building the right team arguably helped Disney create one of the greatest brands of the 20th century.

A Guide to Filing as a Freelancer. (AllBusiness)

Did you launch a freelance business last year? If so, you’ll find some differences in the way you file your taxes. Deborah Sweeney shares some basic information you’ll need to know. When you left that old 9 to 5 grind, you also embarked on this new adventure.

Your Time Is Too Precious to Waste. (Stella Social Media)

Don’t schedule that meeting if you can’t see a business benefit. And don’t schedule it just because you feel like you have to. Rachel Strella shares some other thoughts on wasting your time as a business owner. Join the conversation in the BizSugar community.

The Anatomy of a Google Search Result. (iBlog Zone)

You want to improve where your site appears in Google searches. So you must understand why other sites show up in search the way they do. Francisco Perez explains Google’s search engine result page (SERP) and shares this infographic with more insight on how it works.

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  1. Thanks for posting these.

    I want to read the first and second post, as well as Your Time Is Too Precious to Waste.

  2. The trend is going towards social and branding. More than ever, recall has become more important. Now, it is no longer enough to drown a website with a bunch of keywords. It is still more important to have a clear message that appeals to a particular audience.