Top 10 Social Media Plugins for WordPress

social media plugins for wordpress

Social media is a crucial component for any online marketing strategy. If you’re running your small business website on the WordPress platform, it’s incredibly easy to integrate social. There are hundreds of ready made social media plugins for WordPress to choose from.

Your choice of social media plugins for your WordPress website will depend on which social platforms you use actively, what kind of content you offer on your site, and the best look and placement of social tools that complements your website design. From simple to richly featured, below are some of the best WordPress plugins for social media.

Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Digg Digg

This versatile plugin by Buffer comes with plenty of customization options and integrates with virtually any social media platform. With Digg Digg, you can create either a floating social media bar with left or right scrolling options, or sharing buttons that automatically populate at the top or bottom of each of your blog posts.

Digg Digg can be used with Twitter, Facebook, Buffer, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr – just about any social channels you might use. Facebook options include both Like and Share, and “lazy loading” helps you cut down on load times for your website.


Simple and eye-catching, the Flare plugin not only gives you customizable share buttons, but also lets you create and display a Follow Me widget, so your visitors can one-click follow your social media channels right from your website.

The plugin is compatible with major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and more. You can customize the appearance of the buttons, and place the share bar at the top or bottom of posts, or to the left and right of your pages. The left and right options scroll down the page with viewers, and auto-hide when not in use.


With great customization, tons of features, and more than 120 supported social media platforms, ShareThis is one of the popular social media plugins for WordPress that’s been downloaded more than 1.5 million times. This plugin tool offers more than social buttons, which come in the form of a Hovering Bar that can be displayed on the right or left side of your pages, with counters and your choice of small or large buttons.

In addition, ShareThis has built-in social analytics, a CopyNShare widget that helps you track shares when your content is copied and pasted, and more.

Share Buttons by AddThis

One of the most popular and recognizable social media plugins for WordPress, AddThis Share Buttons let you integrate with more than 330 social platforms and bookmarking sites, as well as email sharing. While there isn’t an option for a floating sidebar, the plugin gives you plenty of layout choices – and you can also get free analytics when you create an AddThis account.

Floating Social Media Icon

Highly rated and popular, the Floating Social Media Icon plugin gives you a customizable, configurable social bar that flies onto the screen and scrolls along with visitors. You can also disable floating and set up static icons with this plugin.

Floating Social Media Icon gives you more than 20 different icon styles to choose from, so you can match the themes and styles of your website. It also supports multiple widgets, so you can display various social media buttons separately on your pages.

Social Media Feather

Lightweight yet powerful, Social Media Feather is a simple, high-performing social plugin that keeps speeds up and load times down by not using JavaScript. The buttons have a clean, modern look, and you can customize the appearance with social icons skins.

This plugin supports shortcodes, and is currently the only social sharing plugin that supports Retina and high-resolution displays used by mobile devices like the iPad 5.

Slick Social Sharing Buttons

If you’re looking for a social media plugin for WordPress that’s easy to implement and comes with plenty of options, try Slick Social Sharing Buttons. This plugin lets you customize button types, specify which pages and posts to display social sharing on, and choose from either a floating or slide-out share bar. You can also customize location, direction, floating speed, animation speed and more.

Slick Social Sharing Buttons supports shortcodes, and gives you a social analytics dashboard to help you track your sharing activity.

Social Media Widget

With a long list of supported social platforms, including email and RSS, and some fun and interesting customizations, Social Media Widget is an easy-to-use plugin that creates a sidebar widget for social sharing, with links that open a separate tab or window when clicked.

Social Media Widget offers three icon sizes, four icon styles (Web 2.0, Sketch, Heart and Cutout), and four animation types to make your social media buttons stand out on the page.


The feature-rich, powerful Shareaholic offers more than social sharing. With a stated aim to help you get readers to “actually discover and submit your articles to numerous social bookmarking sites,” this plugin supports Facebook (both Like and Send), Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and other major social platforms, with share counters for many of them.

In addition, Shareaholic comes with Classic Bookmarks, a Recommendations & Related Content tool, built-in Social Analytics, and official support for Google’s URL shortener as well as Google Analytics.

Share Buttons by AddToAny

Offering support for more than 100 social sites in 19 languages, AddToAny Share Buttons is one of the most popular social media plugins for WordPress with almost 3 million downloads. It’s easy to customize and fully featured, and supports both shares and interactive clicks – including Facebook Likes, a Tweet button for Twitter, a “Pin It” button for Pinterest, a +1 button for Google+ and more.

Bookmarking and email buttons integrate with the most popular email services (Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook / Hotmail, AOL, and nearly every Web-based or desktop email program).

You can customize the appearance and position of the AddToAny share bar, and integrate with Google Analytics to make the most of your social marketing.

BONUS: Microblog Poster

A different kind of social plugin, Microblog Poster lets you automatically push your WordPress blog content to various social media platforms. This plugin currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Delicious and more. It also supports shortcodes and multiple accounts on the same platform.

Use this social media calendar template to create a social media publishing schedule!

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  1. Megan, which one does the Chamber use?

    • Ray – our developments wrote us our own CMS & backend.

      We like to stay on top of the best WordPress plugins so we can help out small business owners make a smart choice of what will work best for them.

      • Hi Megan,
        Thanks a lot 🙂 I was looking for some nice social plugin and your site came across. By the way which plugin you will prefer from all of above?

    • Great list of the best WordPress social media sharing plugins, all in one place! Thank you!

  2. Great list Megan. I myself am a big fan of the Flare plugin. It looks great and functions perfectly. Good to see it on the list. Thanks

  3. I am a fan of Floating social media icon. That’s because I am loving the icon designs. It makes my blog seem like it has custom icons. I have also used AddThis as it allows people to share my posts across different platforms.

    • I’m glad that Floating Social Media icon and AddThis are working great for you! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. I’m a HUGE fan of Shareaholic! I’ve been using the plugin for over 2 years.

    • I’m glad you found a plugin that works great for you! It’s all about what works best for you and your business.

  5. hello sir, I hv used various plugin…but did not like anyone like yours…what is your share plugin installed on this website??

    Please share


    • Hi Rajvir! The share plugin installed on this website is handled by Small Biz Trends. You would have to contact them to find out exactly which plugin it is. Sorry I couldn’t be more help!

      • The sharing module we use here at Small Business Trends was custom coded by our CTO. 🙂


  6. This post came in good timing. I have been thinking of adding a social media sharing plugin for my business site in Swedish. I am using the eleven40 theme on Genesis Framework. Any suggestion on which plugin will fit this template the best?

  7. Hey Megan,

    Really nice article. Actually I was searching for social media sharing plugin for my wordpress blog and came across your site. Let me try out listed plugins one by one. So I can work around and choose one of best suitable for my blog.

    Thanks for tip.

  8. Hi, what is the name of the floating social media plugin that this post is using?

    • Hi Benjamin! If you’re referring to the floating social media plugin on this page, that is handled by Small Biz Trends. I would contact them to see exactly which plugin they’re using.

  9. Thanks for this Lindsay, you have quite a few here that I had not heard of. it seems like there’s always a new way to something in social media. 🙂

  10. AJ & Serenity Services

    This looks like a great list! My partner and I are in the business of building WordPress business sites for others. We also encourage our customers and blog readers to make sure to they are providing content worth sharing, tweeting about, bookmarking, etc. We will definitely bookmark this post and share it with our customers.

  11. Nice collection. Just wish there would have been screen shot examples.

  12. Wow collection of plugins but no image or demo…???

  13. Hi Megan,

    Really great informative article. I was searching for social media sharing plugin for my blog. I found your site. Awesome collection.
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Hi Megan,
    I like this list. Please check your link in Shareaholic it should be

  15. Hi Megan,

    I would like to suggest another one, for those who are using the authorship markup. I recently developed the following “most shared plugin” that imports the articles you have authored, and display the best ones, even if they have been published outside your blog (Most Shared Articles For WordPress : ).

    If you have some time to give it a try, do not hesitate to drop me some feedback and suggestions since I am always trying to make it better.

  16. Which one does this blog use? Can I get it? I liked the share bar you use.

  17. Hi.. I really liked your floating social share icons.. which plugin are you using?

  18. Megan: I don’t actually have any social media plugins on my WP blog, so thanks for the write-up and the reminder.

    Which one would you recommend of the ones you’ve listed?

  19. Hi, what is the plugin name that you use for your site? I love the color tone. Thank you.

  20. Can you please tell me which social sharing plug-in you are using in this website?

  21. I am very happy to see one of my social sharing widget ,shareholic is among your list. I am unable to use it as floating bar in my site. Really great content. thank u.

  22. Hi Megan,
    I have 2 questions
    1) Do you know how to NOT SHOW numbers on Digg Digg, I tried to contact the developer but not luck.

    2) I was looking for a plugin like this one where you can leave message and also shows the photo of who wrote the comment. What’s the name?

  23. Vishwajeet Kumar

    Hi, Megan, Thanks for this awesome list of social sharing plugin. I am currently using Digg Digg, Though I have experience some delay in loading of the icons. So, Just looking for alternative. Thank you very much.

  24. Thank you Megan for your list – very informative and helpful as I am searching for an easy but rich sharing plug in. However you didn’t state which one you would recommend!? be interested to hear that also! Thank you!

  25. Hey Megan,

    Thanks for the informative post! A couple q’s for you:

    What is the plugin that you are currently using for social sharing? I like it!

    Also, if I already have people who have shared my blog post, if I switch social sharing plugins will those stats stay intact?

    I’m using “Flare” here for reference:


  26. Hey Megan could you tell me which social media plugin you are using on this blog?? and do send the its link.. Thanks

  27. Nice great your list all WordPress plugin are very good. I have also a cool widget for WordPress You can check it out or

  28. Hi Megan,

    I’m a solo-preneur building my small business and this post was bang on time, as I am looking for a good plug in. Thanks ver so kindly.
    PS. Could not resist but to share with my group also.

  29. Hi,

    thanks for the list.

    Tip, with images of each plugins buttons this post would have been even better.



  30. Thank you for the article. I have use most of those plugins and in my opinion are the best wordpress plugins for business

  31. Thank You for this Megan, I have decided to test social media feather although I might change to one that shows the share numbers

  32. Thanks for the useful post and I have installed share this on my blog and I hope that it gives me good results.

  33. Smart picks you have here. I Currently use ShareThis but its fluctuating and am looking for alternatives to it. Looking at Shareaholick but still haven’t made a final decision. Thanks for the list

  34. There is also a super handy popup plugin for WordPress that can seriously help some of your post to go viral.. it is called “Go Viral” I think is what it was called “Go Viral Popup Plugin” I think it is by Riviton or something like that, but I have seen this on ViralDoza,, and many others. If you use WordPress and want your stuff to go viral, that plugin will work wonders…

  35. I was previously using Social Sharing Toolkit but it was taking too long to load now after reading your post, I switch on Flare and it really looks fantastic !

    Thanks 🙂

  36. Nice list, thanks for share it. Can you let me know that which plugin you’ve use for right ad floating & which is best plugin for social bookmarking.

  37. I am looking for a plugin that can show Twitter , facebook , Google Plus Follow Button as popup . I tried Social Popup Plugin to enable this to my blog but it is not working for me . I want a plugin that show all social site at once . Let me know any best plugin for me

  38. Hi Megan,

    Excellent write-up on some of the top social sharing plug-ins for WordPress. I’ve been using one-click like,share,tweet because of it’s light-weight set-up though will be giving Social media Feather a try base on your recommendations. (hopefully will come back here to post my opinions)

    Looking at a bunch of comments that acclaim Flare as their favourite social sharing plugin, it may be worth noting that Flare is no longer being updated as a WordPress plug-in so you may want to consider replacing it on the list. According to their WP description page they are working on a universal social sharing tool (much like ADDthis I suppose) now.

    Can anyone recommend the absolute best out of this list of 10? I know it can be really subjective. Thanks.

  39. Thank you for the post. I’ve a question to you. Which plungin do you use on ?

  40. OK I think I’ve found a very cool one. Testing it out now….
    It’s designed like the Mashable share buttons – nice and flat and BIG!

    It’s called “Mashshare Share Buttons” from

  41. I would propose you to have a try to the “most shared plugin”, i recently developed. It’s helpful for those
    who are using the authorship markup,
    This pugin imports the articles you have tagged, even from outside your blog.

  42. All The social buttons are fine, but I want something who also have “print this page” and “Mail It” buttons like you have :). Any Ideas who is giving this kind of plugin.

  43. Great list! My personal favorite is Shareaholic – I just find it very easy to use and “pretty.” I have been looking for a good floating social share plugin and thanks to your list, Flare looks like a winner! Thanks.

  44. Adeleke O Augustus

    Flare is the best. Thanks

  45. Great to see top list plugin for “Social share” mostly i like to use default share buttons on my website.
    i have seen many people use custom buttons which also looks great.

    recently i have published a new “social share” plugin which is named “Social Share Button” and available at plugin repository

    which support 7 style themes to display buttons and easy to use.

    Have any thought ?

    Many Thanks

  46. Shareaholic is exactly what we were looking for. Thanks for the great article!

  47. Hey Megan
    Thanks for your wonderful write up. I picked up ShareThis plugin for my site and it seems quite good

  48. Thanks Megan totka for this awesome list of social media plugin. But I want to know which social media plugin is used by this website.

  49. I am looking for a way to share my comments on social media to my blog. So a plugin that might import my best Quora (or G+, FB, etc) answers to my site.
    I do far more soical answering than posting to my blog. this might be a way to keep my blog updates if it imported them as something that was readable by search engines.

    I believe Storify has an embed function but it an image of your collected comments on Storify, so Google is unable to read it. It is also difficult to find all my answers.

    The wonder I need performed is to have the Question and the Comment inported into my blog in a way that will allow Google to read it as, I assume, text.

    Do you have any ideas and thank you.

  50. Great list Megan. This help me a lot to choose one social plugin from all these great plugins.. Thanks once again.

  51. Hello.

    I have the above store which is a simple Amazon affiliate store. Does anyone know of a plugin that will allow me to share specific item from my store ? I can share the site as a whole or share posts from the blog section but say I want to Tweet a fishing rod or post a Reel etc on Facebook my social icons don’t allow me to do that.



  52. Hello !
    Megan it’s the first time that I landed on my blog. The plugins that are used for social sharing purposes introduced by here are really awesome. I prefer Digg Digg and Flare much. How ever I think jetpack can also be used for social sharing.
    Really enjoyed reading your post from top to bottom. Thanks for sharing !

  53. Hello,

    We have just posted this:

    It’s a lightweight and free 🙂
    We are looking forward for your feedback.

  54. Alvian Rahardjo

    all of those social media plugins that you mentioned above are awesome, but i prefer to use Shareaholic than other social media plugins, Thanks Megan 🙂

  55. Thanks for sharing . Some of these plugins are extremely helpful for going social.

  56. Having installed jetpack and using publicize the dilemma for me is whether I should add another plugin or not. Now I am using Add to Any which is kinda good but a duplication for me. Lets see, I should take a call soon.
    Very informative post, thanks

  57. That Digg Digg plugin is the easiest one to install and config!

  58. My Favorite is Digg Digg and Shareaholic .Mostly i m using Digg Digg for my old blogs.thanks for the good list

  59. Great write up. There is a new plugin that is really helpful as well – Flare. This is a great write up here:

  60. Thank you for sharing the best social sharing options

  61. are all of these plugins compatible with the OptmizePress 2 Theme and plugin?

  62. Hi , I was looking for a good social media plugin that doesn’t affect my website speed. And by the way I like the plugin that you use here in your site , what is its name ?

  63. still confuse which one the best to use..
    try one by one maybe

  64. We develop new social media sharing with interesting features – it automatically display sharing buttons for those social networks, where visitor registered and logged in. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and 100+ more social networks and bookmark services available. Also if you have Google Analytics tracking code on pages, it will automatically receive tracking notifications for each visitor registered in social network or share button pressed. Translated to 20+ languages.

  65. best collection megan!!!!!
    can you suggest me which one will be best for my tech blog?

  66. nice share i must say, i was using getsocial so far, but the slider plugin you mention slick is remarkable.


  67. Digg Digg is not updated :/

  68. Looks like this site uses the Flare plugin, which is no longer a plugin but an $89/year hosted service.

  69. My personal favourite (althought I’m quite biased!) is Simple Share Buttons Plus!

  70. Hi Megan,

    Nice tips. But how about an automatic tools that can submit to all social networks platforms once?
    For exemple, I have an account on digg, techonrati, diggit, faves etc… and i want (with a click) to submit an url to all this networks. how about this?


  71. Do you mind giving me the link to the Social Share Floating plugin you have on the Left side

    • Hi Salman, we coded that in-house here at Small Business Trends. We tend to create a lot of our own plugins or custom code functionality, because plugins often can’t handle our volume at this site.


    • A good alternative is “Flare”. Go for it!

  72. I checked some of the plugings mentionned here but some of them are not supporting WordPress 4.0 (Flare, Digg Digg). Do you think it should be an important criteria for choosing “the right one”?

  73. I’d like to suggest this plugin for social metrics that helps to track social activities of your wordpress site on social networks, with charts, ranking and statistics.

  74. Hi Megan
    These social media plugins are really helpful to spread the word about your blog on social media sites. Thanks for sharing this list.

  75. I need a social media plugin that can appear on the left side of my wordpress site.

  76. Amber N Marchetti

    As someone that works with a lot of different social media marketing platforms, this list is very useful. Thank you for putting it together!

  77. Hey Megan, have you seen Social Warfare social sharing plugin yet?
    It is all of these rolled into one. Custom pins, custom text for Tweets, click to tweet, popular posts based on social share counts. It is my new favorite and it was just launched a week or so ago.
    It is made by Warfare Plugins.

  78. Hi Megan,

    A little late but hey, great list you got there!

    I use ShareAHolic a lot as it is easy to configure. But recently there’s a new plugin called Easy Social Button which you need to check it out. Very detailed and I seen many sites using it. Not promoting it but just saying (that you may add or try) 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  79. Nice list ! Thank you.
    But I was wondering, especially for Digdig as it is not updated since 3.5.2 and if I am correct we are now at 4.1 or something, do you guys still recommand it?
    I tried it and nothing shows up. I thought it was maybe becaue of my theme, but I am not so sure now.

  80. thanks information, but i need plugin for my online shop

  81. Its just what i looking for, a perfect review best socialmedia plugin! Now i’ll study everyone. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing Megan.

  82. Thank you Megan for that cool list! Are you planning to publish an update of this list soon?

    We recently released a FREE plugin which allows to add social icons to a website:

    We think it’s the best one on the market and user feedback seems to confirm that: in less than 4 months we got over 60k downloads, >280 5-star-reviews and an overall rating of 4.9/5.0.

    If you also like us – why not include us in your (future) list as well? 🙂

    Thank you!!


  83. What about Jetpack? I think you should include this plugin too.

  84. I was looking the best social media plugin for my wordpress site and i found here the good plugin for site. specially the float social media and i m going to install it.

  85. Hi Megan!

    Thanks for the awesome article! Digg Digg (and Buffer itself, for that matter) is awesome!

    I also wanted to let you know about a new plugin I just released, called WP Social Media Slider. It offers a way to display Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts on your website in a responsive slider.

    Anyways, check it out if you have a chance, and thanks!


  86. i prefer to use shareaholic than other social media plugins

  87. Earlier I was using Flare for a long time but now I switched to Share this and I found it better as it offers more customizations and is even better bang for buck.Between other options that you mentioned are also noteworthy.

  88. Hi Megan,

    Thank you for sharing this. Wish I can find something that is closer to your website’s social sharing tool 😉 For now will give these options a go and definitely would try the Microblog Poster! Cheers!

  89. Great list of plugins for sharing WordPress posts via social media.
    My favorite one is the new Monarch Social Plugin, by Elegant Themes.
    I love its design and functionality!

    Thanks for the post Megan, have a good one!

  90. AddToAny. Hands down, the “Share Buttons by AddToAny” plugin is the best one available for WordPress. I have tried all of them above!

    The AddToAny plugin updates are perfect, it’s only gotten better. Yet the plugin keeps a very high level of quality (not like so many of the other social media plugins. Shareaholic. ShareThis, AddThis have gone completely bonkers in their updates). AddToAny just works and their documentation is stupendous!

  91. Great Post Megan
    I have used almost all of the above plugins you have mentioned and would like to add some in this list which are not only free but effective too.
    “Digg Digg” plugin has not been updated since 2 years which may make us face some issues else it was a good plugin to use.
    Some of the plugins shows problems in the browsers like when you hit the share button , it opens up a new window in which you can’t scroll and the share button remains hidden, I have faced this issue only while sharing on Google plus, “Add This” plugin was the only plugin which solved this problem.
    This may add some plugins to your great list

  92. Shareaholic is my preference in this respect.It is simple to use and keeps you updated regarding the needed stuff.

  93. A best alternative is Shareaholic its a complete package. Now i install my plugins with confidence thanks
    bdw i want to know that which social plugin you are using for your site?

  94. Which is the best floating social media plugin for WordPress?

  95. Hello

    The plugins in your list above are nice examples of sharing WP-plugins. And because you mentioned Microblog Poster I have another tool for you. Blog2Social delivers your blog posts from the dashboard of your blog to all your social networks in one go. You may individualize the comments for each network. You may also schedule your posts for each network.

    You can download a free test version here:

    Kind regards


  96. Today the idea of tweetable quotes is becoming more and more popular. That’s the cool way to bring more traffic to you. So what is worth mentioning here as well is TweetDis.

  97. A very nice list indeed. This one helped a lot in choosing the right plugin.

  98. One of the best Social media plugins for wordpress
    thanks 🙂

  99. thank you so much for the plugins. I really need it

  100. Siddharth Choudhary

    This is thorough review on social plugins. I learned many aspects of this plugin. So far I am using Add This and pretty happy with it. But seems I have to explore the other plugins. Thanks for sharing it.

  101. Great list. I was also looking for some cool social media plugins. I am now using flare and it is absolutely amazing and does the job pretty well.

  102. Thanks for sharing these wonderful plugins. May I ask which plugin are you using on this site?

  103. Hi

    I don’t know how I missed to check this helpful post. This is what I really searching for my new blog. Actually, I wanna go with 2 or 3 (Free plugins) as I don’t wanna invest in sharing stuff (As of now). Thanks for presenting this valuable post for WordPress users 🙂

  104. I still prefer the JetPack Sharing tool. For one, with just Jetpack, i have other functions aside sharing but publicize, etc as to installing another sharing tool which means 2 sharing plugin and more bandwidth consumption!
    Well, thats just me talking!

  105. Wow! thanks for the list. It helped to meet Dig Dig plugin and now I’m using it.

    Thanks and regards!

  106. Thank you for sharing this. Wish I can find something that is closer to your website’s social sharing tool ? For now, will give these options a go

  107. Some good name for social media plugins. I am looking for something which have to share the content I write automatically to my social accounts? do you have any ideas?

  108. I’m not familiar with any of the plugins on this post BUT I noticed that there are a few share plugins from WordPress which is very important on any blog. I may have heard of the Shareaholic one but never used it. Cool list though…I will check a few of them out on WordPress. Thanks!

  109. very informative! i was looking for one for my blog i am going to try the first one and see how it goes
    thank you,

  110. My Favorite is WordPress built-in social media sharing plugin and Shareaholic. thanks for this good list

  111. I am a great fan of Share This theme and have been using for years now. thanks for sharing such a useful post.

  112. Looking for some good stuff about Social Plugins is over. I very glad to see this post.

  113. I was looking for an automatic plugin which can post as soon as we post on WordPress. Anyone having any idea?

  114. First of all thank you for posting. The plugin I am looking for is the one you are having on your website. Could you please let me know what plugin are you using.???

  115. Awesome list, thank you.

    I will also want to share with you the first WordPress plugin for Instagram stories.

    It offers a FREE version, too.

    You can get it right now:

    Hope this helps.
    Thanks again.

  116. Great Article Thanks for sharing wonderful article. But after install Plugins website speed will very slow. so do you want to increase WordPress speed up.

    Is your WordPress based site getting slower? Is slowness distracts users, who are bouncing back from your site in the middle of a quest?

  117. Am a beginner blogger and looking social sharing wordpress plugin for blog where I can share content on whatsapp as well as other social networking site. Thanks for sharing great post. Regards

  118. I am looking for a social media plugin for site, i want social icons with number of sharing and users. Please if you have kindly share in comments

  119. You guys are good. The first social media plugin helped me a lot.

    Thank you for this list!

  120. Thanks for sharing with us. Definitely going to try some of these plugins for my website.
    Great Work!

  121. thanks for sharing i will defiantly use the same

  122. is it anything y’all would like to share? it looks really neat and simple.

  123. Great article thanks for sharing. Just wondering how these compare to what’s already in Jetpack? can you share something more same like that?

  124. I am looking forward to getting one of these social media plug-ins for my site. I can’t imagine that this article was published in 2014 and the way the material looks so current. Excellent job that has stood the test of time

  125. Hey Megan,

    I was truly looking for some safe and effective WordPress plugins to give better exposure to my blog content. I suddenly arrived on your this post and I would say my search ends here. Thanks for sharing such helpful content for learners like me.

  126. Thanks for the list. Shareholic is definitely a favorite.

  127. Incredible Article Thanks for sharing great article. Be that as it may, after introduce Plugins site speed will moderate. so would you like to speed up.

    Is your WordPress based site getting more slow? Is gradualness diverts clients, who are skipping back from your site in a journey?

  128. Personally i love the Share Buttons by AddThis. It’s simple to setup and its dashboard provides a lot of insights. The easier and nicest way I found to let my visitors share our content and follow our social networks. I really think is the only one that is really free for the basic features.

    I don’t know why but in some sites the buttons cover parts of the website, disturbing the navigation. Most of the times I think the fault is on the site itself but I’m not sure. I’ve tried to contact support even tough I have a premium plan but no luck. So watch out if you are not a tech person the support is not really helpful with this service.

  129. Great Article thanks for sharing. It’s really very neat and clean explanation