Stay Ahead of the Curve

curve on healthcare costs

Stay ahead of the curve in 2014 with these five benefits and HR trends.

Increased Focus on Accountability

With soaring health care costs, consumer and provider accountability are gaining attention as potential solutions. There may still be plenty to accomplish, but companies are taking steps towards accountability solutions that may truly help employees see lower or no-cost health care services.

Private Insurance Exchanges

Separate from the government marketplaces, private insurance exchanges present employers with a simpler way to offer comprehensive worksite benefit options. By giving employees a fixed stipend towards benefit options, this type of delivery model helps control costs.

Strong Consumer Safety Nets

As employees assume greater responsibility for their health care, their need for a strong safety net increases. Even if employees are covered by a comprehensive major medical plan, out-of-pocket costs can be substantial if a serious injury or illness occurs.

Unprecedented C-Suite Engagement

With health care reform nearing, the potential cost of being unprepared will require benefits strategies to be top of mind for executives and financial leadership.

Tailor the Employee Value Proposition to the Next Generation

As the baby boomer generation moves toward retirement, millennials have begun taking on managerial roles. Defined by their use and affiliation with technology, these employees are also more engaged online with their personal identity than any generation before them. In the years ahead, employers will continue to adjust retirement, engagement, training and communications programs to account for this changing workforce.

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  1. Wow I did not realize that this is already the age of the millenials. No wonder I can see the workplace slowly changing for the better. I guess we can see the workplace evolve with the replacement of people.