Verizon Introduces Single Security Suite for All Devices – Mobile and Desktop

Verizon Introduces Single Security Suite for All Devices – Mobile and Desktop

A new survey reveals 88% of consumers around the world own more than one Web-enabled device. And 62% of U.S. consumers own more than three devices, another concludes.

In its recently released Digital Assets survey, online security company McAfee reveals there is also a lot of value on those devices. Globally, the average person has up to $35,000 in personal assets and information stored on these Web-enabled devices. This goes beyond personal data like your credit card information, login names and passwords. It also includes things like photos and entertainment files, too.

By now you’ve probably become attuned to the need for security on desktop and laptop computers. But that concern has apparently not spread to mobile devices where the threat may be just as great.

On the official McAfee Blog, company Online Security and Safety Evangelist Robert Siciliano explains:

“And while we have all these devices and have valuable assets on them, we don’t take enough precautions to protect our valuable assets. Nearly 15% of consumers globally don’t have comprehensive security on ANY of their devices and 20% are unfamiliar with cyber risks and security dangers.”

Small businesses in particular are increasingly targeted by cyber criminals seeking not only their information, but the information of their clients and customers.

McAfee (acquired by Intel in 2011) and wireless communications company Verizon are partnering to extend security to multiple devices, using a single application and central dashboard, called the Verizon Internet Security Suite Multi-Device program. The program is aimed at creating more security for both consumers and small businesses.

With the Verizon offerings, subscribers protect all of their PCs, laptops, Macs, and Android smartphones and tablets via one central management console.

Verizon customers can get Internet security for all their devices starting at $6.99 per month. Cloud backup and storage can also be added in. Small business owners, who use more data, might also want a bundled package including 50 or 150 GB of cloud storage also protected by McAfee. Those bundles start at $11.99 per month.

The service features automatic updates for all devices. Verizon says you’ll be able to monitor activity on all your devices from one desktop app, too. This feature would include the ability to lock certain apps when others are using your devices.

Image: Verizon


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  1. I guess they are on the right track for providing a product that most people need today. They are right when they sad that almost all consumers all over the world own multiple gadgets nowadays. With synchronization, security will always be an issue. So what they are providing is exactly what people need.

  2. great approach it’s can be most useful in market. because everybody need this product. the approach also is a very innovative. because security is a big concern for online customers and businessmen.

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