It’s Official: Yelp Listings Are Now On Yahoo, Here’s How They Look

It’s Official: Yelp Listings Are Now On Yahoo, Here’s How They Look

It’s official – Yelp listings are now on Yahoo. Last month Yahoo reported intentions to integrate Yelp into its search engine results. A new listings example is above.

Neatly contained in a box to the right of the normal search results, the Yelp listings contain a snippet of a couple of customer reviews. Then there is a direct link to the remainder of the reviews on Yelp. Each review in the Yahoo box also has a star rating. This lets you get an immediate feel for what people think of the place.

Another interesting feature is that, if you search for say, cafes in in New York City, the list appears on the left hand side, integrated into the regular search results. Clicking on a business brings it up in a box on the right hand side – all without leaving the page.

Underneath the Yelp listing with its review snippets and star ratings, you will also get a description of the business, including the services or products the business offers.

In general, the new Yelp listings seem to give businesses a more prominent place on Yahoo. They add more detail on each business than a standard search result. To use restaurants as an example, the Yelp listings provide business contact details, a map showing the restaurant’s location, and pictures of some of its offerings.

On the official Yahoo Tumblr blog, Anand Chandrasekaran, senior director of product management explains:

“At Yahoo, we’re always looking to build great partnerships to provide a richer experience for our users. That’s why we’re especially fired up to add trusted user content from Yelp, bringing more business listings, more photos, and more reviews to the recently-refreshed Local Search and Yahoo Maps experiences.”

Of course, Yelp search results are not confined to Yahoo. Bing also includes the listing under its Bing Local Search and Bing Places for Business, reports The Next Web.

Unlike the Yahoo version however, Yelp listings on Bing appear all white, which can come across to some people as being too plain. Visuals count when you are marketing a business, and Yahoo’s blocks of colors make the Yelp results look more attractive and clickable. Google has been integrating the Yelp results in its search for some time.


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  1. It’s an interesting feature. If it works, Yahoo may even become a better search engine when it comes to product or business reviews. With Google dominating the search industry, Yahoo really need to come up with creative ways to get people to use their search engine.

  2. Yet another way for Yelp to exploit small businesses.