Apptio Announces A New Application For ServiceNow Customers

BELLEVUE, Wash., April 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Apptio, the leading provider of Technology Business Management (TBM) SaaS applications, today opened the beta of a new Apptio application for ServiceNow®. The application is Apptio’s first motion towards the development of function-specific apps to provide a wider range of IT managers cost transparency to discrete IT functions.

These new function-specific applications are a slice of the larger TBM suite of applications that Apptio currently offers CIOs, I&O managers and IT Finance professionals to understand the cost, quality and value of the enterprise IT portfolio. This new purpose-built application serves a different level of executive in the IT organization, namely, service managers, who care about efficiency, cost of incidents and support, and end-user satisfaction.

With this new offering, Apptio is providing greater cost transparency to allow service management professionals to demonstrate value to the business through data that is deeply integrated into ServiceNow. Apptio’s SaaS business model was designed with the flexibility to embrace IT services companies and partner closely with them to create apps specific to their needs. The introduction of this purpose-built application is the first step towards expanding Apptio’s ecosystem of partners through the development of next-gen IT solutions.

“These function-specific applications will become must-have apps for IT operations, finance, business and product managers to gain transparency into their service costs,” said Ted Kummert, EVP of engineering and cloud operations at Apptio. “We chose to build an app for ServiceNow because we have many joint customers who wanted tight integration of our data, analytics and process innovations within their service management application.”

Today’s introduction gives ServiceNow customers the ability to manage the cost and quality of their IT service management operations with greater transparency. Built directly into ServiceNow’s familiar user interface, customers now have the power of Apptio’s market-leading technology business management applications when using Incident, Problem, and Change and Release Management from ServiceNow. Key benefits include the ability to see what’s driving service management costs, how costs are trending over time, and the ability to make informed cost and quality tradeoffs as well as investment recommendations to the business.

This new offering will give ServiceNow customers the ability to:

  • Understand which services, applications and IT infrastructure are consuming the bulk of support capacity and make informed recommendations about where to reduce or increase investment based on the support costs for each.
  • Get visibility into how costs vary between business units or regions, and gain a financial perspective into other factors that are important to service management operations like incident and request volume, resolution, and satisfaction -and see how these trends change over time.
  • See what the service management staff is working on, as well as the level of productivity and effectiveness of each team – letting managers know where to focus talent development and coaching efforts, and the insights to make important trade-offs between service cost and service quality.
  • Communicate the value that the service desk operations are delivering to the organization by quantifying the output and efficiency in terms the business can understand.

“IT plays a vital and dynamic role in the cloud era as the rise of consumerization changes both the use cases of new technology and the business model of IT. It’s imperative for IT professionals to manage not only technology, but the business of IT,” said Chief Strategy Officer, Dave Wright of ServiceNow. “With Apptio, users are able to harness operational cost data to showcase the true value that IT service automation brings to the business.”

Those interested in participating in the beta program of this new application can find more information here.

ServiceNow and Apptio first announced their relationship in May 2011 which provided integration between Apptio applications with ServiceNow applications. The combined capabilities enable Apptio’s TBM applications suite to leverage management data stored in ServiceNow, such as asset information, operations work time and project labor.  Dozens of customers use ServiceNow and Apptio in combination to more effectively manage the technology, services and the business functions of IT.

Apptio is a gold sponsor and will be exhibiting at the ServiceNow Knowledge 14® conference in San Francisco starting April 27, 2014 in Booth #323.

About Apptio

Apptio is the leading independent provider of on-demand Technology Business Management (TBM) SaaS applications for managing the business of IT. Apptio enables IT leaders to manage the cost, quality and value of IT Services by providing deep visibility into the total cost of IT services, communicating the value of IT to the business through an interactive Bill of IT™, and strategically aligning the planning, budgeting and forecasting processes. Apptio’s TBM solutions play a critical role in helping companies understand and drive chargeback, virtualization, cloud and other key technology initiatives. Global enterprise customers such as Bank of America, Boeing, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, and Swiss Re rely on Apptio® products and services to reduce costs and align IT with business priorities. For more information, visit the Apptio website or the Apptio blog.

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