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Barry Moltz Barry Moltz gets small business owners unstuck. With decades of entrepreneurial ventures as well as consulting with countless other entrepreneurs, he has discovered the formula to get business owners marching forward. His newest book, BAM! shows how in a social media world, customer service is the new marketing.

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  1. Do you think Coca Cola lost its number one spot because a lot more people are plugged into the internet in various ways than 10 years ago? That and the increased popularity of smart phones?

    I hear you with the colours. I guess it’s an association I don’t really think about, but I do respond to on some level.

    p.s.: I will never associate Shell with joy.

    • Martin Lindeskog

      Can’t relate to the joy of driving the car with fuel by Shell? The shell symbol has some ring to it.

      • Martin: I guess people have different associations with the symbol, which is OK. It is what it is.

        Shell has caused considerable damage in Nigeria. I’m Nigerian. I therefore do not associate the company or its logo with joy.

  2. I think you are correct…

  3. I also have to add that Red and Orange also sparks appetite. I have read about it and it somehow has an effect on me too. It is a good color to include in food brands.

  4. Great article! I’m right on target with my company’s color PINK. I am the creator and owner of an INSPIRATIONAL/MOTIVATIONAL mma (mixed martial arts) brand made just for women by women. I hope that one day my brand CAGE CANDY will be associated with the color PINK (we even wear pink wigs in honor of women who have/had CANCER~like my Grnadmother, my best friend and my lil’ sis) and what it stands for. Because what we stand for will NEVER go out of style and neither will our motto #FightYourFight because we ALL have one and together we can make a difference and EMPOWER one another to stay STRONG!
    The color P I N K truly represents who we are!

    I really enjoyed your article. Have a Blessed day!
    ~Tracy @CageCandy/LinkedIn/Fb
    Single Mother of 3 and Grandmother of 3

  5. Martin Lindeskog

    Barry: What if you have several colors in your logotype? See my EGO blog banner (an individualist, ego, standing near the skyline of a city and the statue of liberty) as an example.

  6. Nice article Barry with example of each.Thanks for sharing.

  7. Greatly enjoyed the article. A bit confused about identifying Tiffany’s with black… the company is usually identified with their iconic “Tiffany blue” color. Did I miss something?

  8. Context plays a big part of the emotion that a color summons.

    For example, your description of blue and IBM is accurate. The emotions you list are some that are conjured up when I think about the company.

    But if someone tried to serve me a blue steak or vegetables, I would not be thinking depth, stability, calm, trust, comfort, and reliability. I would be thinking spoiled, old, or what is wrong with it.

  9. Check out our logo. It “covers the bases” and has something for everyone!

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