Facebook Looks for Like-Baiters and Twitter’s Follow Rule Reviewed

Facebook Looks for Like-Baiters and Twitter’s Follow Rule Reviewed

It’s time again for the Small Business Trends Community News and Information Roundup. If you use Facebook for business, especially for marketing, make sure your content isn’t “abusive.” And, how many people can you follow on Twitter? There is a rule though somewhat hard to define. Here’s more.

Facebook Goes After Like-Baiters. (Marketing Land)

Facebook says it is clamping down on two kinds of user abuse broadly described as like-baiting and link-spam. If you want to determine whether you may be guilty of adding such content to your page, read Martin Beck’s detailed list of what Facebook considers abuse.

How to Cope with the Twitter Follow Rule. (Ego Net Cast)

Blogger, podcaster and BizSugar moderator Martin Lindeskog has run up against the dreaded Twitter Follow Rule. Basically, Twitter limits the ratio of people you can follow to the number of people following your account. Lindeskog suggests one option in a recent discussion on BizSugar. That would be unfollowing less active accounts to bring your numbers down.

For Great Social Media Marketing, Look No Further. (SuperMedia)

Out of Print sells T-shirts and other items with covers from some of the world’s most famous books printed on them. It’s already a great product, right? But what small business owners may want to hear most are details about the company’s success using social media to market its brand.

Omnichannel Marketing Has Become a Reality. (Content26)

Before buying a product these days, a customer might start by browsing reviews on a laptop. This might be followed by a trip to one of the local big box stores to have a look at some floor models. Finally, when it’s time to order, the customer does it, not at the store, but on an Amazon app. This new Omnichannel way of buying things is here to stay, according to a new study from Deloitte. So what can businesses do to take advantage?

Use Video Interviews as a Marketing Tool. (Rebekah Radice)

Video can be a powerful way to market your brand. And social media marketer Rebekah Radice says creating interviews connected to your industry, brand or market has never been easier. Just look into using Google Plus Hangouts as your video tool of choice. Then follow Radice’s advice to prepare.

Don’t Get Desperate and Ruin Your Brand. (Denise Lee Yohn)

While businesses need to constantly be looking for customers, it can be a bad idea to discard their brand to reach them. Take Mercedes and its recent efforts to appeal to young buyers, says Yohn. Has the car company made the mistake of sacrificing its brand identity to chase this demographic? And will they hurt their credibility (not to mention future sales) in the process?

Customer Experience is a Whole New Discipline. (Customers That Stick)

Here’s why you need to worry about customer experience. It’s because all your competitors are already thinking about it. Adam Toporek paints us a picture of a whole new discipline and way of marketing…that is, in some ways, a very old kind of marketing too.

Be Ware These 13 Myths of Entrepreneurship (The Smith Report)

Know the difference between cash flow and profitability. Understand what truly makes a business valuable to a seller. And, in the process, avoid the myths that can kill your business or send you down the wrong road. Business consultant Ian Smith shares some myths he finds particularly worrisome in this conversation in the BizSugar community.

Decide Whether a Virtual Office is Right for You. (Tweak Your Biz)

Cloud computing and faster Internet connections have made virtual offices a reality. The virtual office allows potentially all the employees in your company to work remotely or from anywhere. The question, says Frank Pipolo, is whether a virtual office is right for you. Here’s a check list you may want to consider.

How To Apply For an SBA Back Loan. (The Franchise King)

With new Small Business Administration Chief Maria Contreras-Sweet sworn in this week, there should be a renewed push for getting small businesses the funding they need. But be aware the agency may also be bringing more oversight to the approval process. Joel Libava shares more about how that process works, especially for franchises.

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