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The Sky is the Limit as Google Acquires High Altitude Drone Company

google drones

Google has come one step closer to making its balloon-powered Internet initiative, Project Loon [1], a reality. The tech giant recently acquired Titan Aerospace, a New Mexico-based company that builds drones for high altitudes, the Wall Street Journal reports [2]. Though the price of the acquisition hasn’t been released, Business Insider estimates [3] that it must be higher than the $60 million offer Facebook made earlier this year.

google drones

Titan’s drones can reach atmospheric heights – as high as 12 miles in the sky – and, powered by solar energy [4], can fly continuously for five years straight.

There are a number of projects Google might find Titan’s technology [5] useful for, including Project Loon, Google’s initiative to use balloons to beam Internet connections to under-served, rural areas around the world. Titan’s drones could also help Google collect more satellite imagery for Google Maps, according to [6] TechCrunch. Google also referenced “disaster relief” and “deforestation” as further goals of the acquisition.

News of the deal follows shortly after Facebook acquired [7] Titan competitor Ascenta. Both deals indicate that Google and Facebook are racing to claim more global users by increasing Internet access around the world.

Images: Titan Aerospace