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The Effect of Heartbleed on Commonly Used Small Business Websites

heartbleed affected sites

As you might know by now, Heartbleed is a security flaw that enables unauthorized users to access your encrypted information. When you visit a website through a “secure connection,” in theory the information is encrypted and can’t be accessed.

According to CNN:

“Cybercriminals could exploit the bug to access visitors’ personal data as well as a site’s cryptographic keys, which can be used to impersonate that site and collect even more information.”

Just do a Google search for “Heartbleed” to see what you need to do. But in short, you need to:

There seem to be so many security holes, flaws and ways for unauthorized users to access your network.

Here’s What You Should Do To Be As Secure As Possible

Affect of Heartbleed on Commonly Used Small Business Websites

Below are some popular small business online software websites and how they have been affected by Heartbleed.

Quickbooks Online: Not affected [1].

GoDaddy: If you use their SSL services read this statement [2] on what to do.

PayPal: Not affected [3].

Dropbox: Was affected [4] but has patched it’s servers, although a password reset is probably needed.

Evernote: Never affected [5] and was secure.

Asana: Was affected [6] and fixed their servers, but you might want to change your password.

Banks: Most all banks appear to have not been affected.

Infusionsoft: Not directly affected at all, however read this thorough blog post [7] for more details.

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