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IBM Study Shows CIOs Switching Focus To Engaging Customers

ibm cio study

It seems CIOs are focusing on the most important element of business – customers. In a recent IBM CIO study [1], “Moving from the Back Office to the Front Lines – CIO Insights from the Global C-Suite,” IBM shares insights from face-to-face conversations with more than 1,600 CIOs from 70 countries and 20 industries worldwide.

Who Exactly Did IBM Survey?

They surveyed:

That’s a lot of chiefs – sharing vital insights for building better businesses.

According to the study, it appears leaders’ priorities are shifting from intra-enterprise efficiency and productivity to a new agenda led by the front office – focused on extra enterprise engagement, transparency, collaboration and dialogue with clients.

It seems today’s digitally enfranchised and empowered customers are leading CIOs on a new path, one that demands collaborative technologies designed for today’s 24/7 mobile workforce.

Highlights of the IBM Study Include:

Why the Focus on Cutting-Edge Technologies to Enhance the Customer Experience?

It appears, for today’s CIOs, the most important customer-related initiative is fully leveraging technology to understand the real needs of current and future customers.

With clients now more technologically astute and demanding mobile platforms, it will be the customer-engaged enterprise leading charge in utilization of cloud technologies, advanced business management software solutions and responsive, mobile platforms. 

Essentially, the IBM CIO study illustrates that CIOs are looking to satisfy a savvy new boss – the modern, mobile customer.

Customer Meeting [2] Photo via Shutterstock