Karmaloop.com Reveals the Story Behind “10.Deep” with Founder Scott Sasso

BOSTON, April 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Karmaloop.com, the premier online retailer of streetwear and urban fashion, has released “The 10.Deep Story,” an inside view into the vision and entrepreneurial journey of Scott Sasso, founder of 10.Deep. The latest addition to Karmaloop’s Making the Brand video series, The 10.Deep Story reveals the challenges Sasso overcame and the choices he now makes to create urban wear dedicated to the bold power of individuality.

Established in 1995 and inspired by the graffiti artists who had transitioned into fashion, 10.Deep was the sole mission of Scott Sasso. In his own words, “10.Deep sounded like a group of ten people who had been brought together to affect some sort of action, but it was about me and me doing it myself—10 people were my ten fingers.”

The 10.Deep Story begins with the brand’s roots and moves into the present, illustrating the intention, artistic process and attitude behind Sasso’s latest designs. The 10.Deep Story introduces fans to a style visionary who remains true to the hip hop, skate, punk and graffiti subcultures that inspired him.

For Sasso, 10.Deep is about listening to oneself and never sacrificing quality: “I want to make good product and I want to be able to sustain that and sustain my business making good product….I don’t need to be driving a Ferrari around or ridiculous shit like that.”

Since 2013, Karmaloop has released 11 videos in the Making the Brand series. For fans and shoppers that want to get up close and personal with the designers they admire, Making the Brand brings the stories behind Karmaloop’s streetwear and urban fashion labels to any computer screen or mobile device.

“We know that people have a stronger emotional connection to brands when they can meet the artists and learn their story,” said Mahfuzur “Shomi” Patwary, Director at Karmaloop TV. “This is one of the ways we support the designers who make Karmaloop possible and share their vision with the world. Just like Karmaloop, which started in Greg Selkoe’s parents’ basement, we know the history behind these brands will surprise and inspire people.”

The Making the Brand series will deliver a regular stream of exclusive interviews, all available on Karmaloop.com’s brand pages and KLX, a new lifestyle blog from Karmaloop that covers style, music and shopping.

The 10.Deep Story can be viewed on 10.Deep’s brand page at www.karmaloop.com/cm/10deep-behind-the-brand and in “A Look Back At How 10 Deep Changed The Rap Game Forever,” a new post on KLX.

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