Domino’s Pizza Now Offers Google Wallet Payment on Android Devices

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If you’re looking to order pizza, the tech savvy Domino’s may now be your best option. Not only can you use the Domino’s app to customize and order your pizza, but you can now also pay for your pizza in more ways too. Starting today, pay for your Domino’s order using Google Wallet on the Domino’s Android app.

Google Wallet is a free mobile payment system that lets you digitally store debit and loyalty cards on your phone. To use the service when ordering a Domino’s pizza, select “Buy with Google” at checkout and you’ll be good to go. For now the option is only available on Android devices.

Domino’s is constantly searching for new ways to use improve its service using technology, according to President and CEO Patrick Doyle:

“This is yet another way Domino’s is using technology to improve our customer experience…Google Wallet is a great technology that allows customers even more flexibility and convenience when it comes to paying for their Domino’s orders.”

To promote its integration with Google Wallet, Domino’s is offering a free order of Domino’s new Specialty Chicken until June 15 to anyone who places an order of $10 or more using the Domino’s Android app and Google Wallet.

Image: Domino’s Pizza

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  1. So they are now accepting payments through Google Wallet. I guess ordering a pizza is no longer as different with downloading an app from the Google store. Makes it easy. I just wonder if other pizza parlors will eventually follow suit.

    • I think it’s only a matter of time before some other pizza parlors jump on it. I don’t see a company such as Pizza Hut, for instance, not following suit. Maybe they’re just watching for now to see how it goes with Domino’s.

  2. Thanks for the info.

    I don’t use google wallet yet. I guess I’m just not ready.

    I wonder if Domino’s is targeting a specific demographic that DOES use Google Wallet?

    The Franchise King®

  3. Domino’s is doing some very cool stuff with their mobile app, but really it’s the value that keeps me coming back. The large 1-topping for $5.99 is the best deal in pizza right now.

  4. Perhaps they’ll start accepting Bitcoin also.