Linksys Continues Expansion In SMB Market With Wireless Access Devices

Linksys Wireless access devices

Are the amount of Internet-enabled devices in your office beginning to strain your WiFi bandwidth?

A new offering from Linksys is just one way the company is affirming its commitment to small businesses, especially those dependent on the Web for success. New Wireless-AC Access Point devices are designed to get more Web-enabled devices faster Internet access.

Linksys also unveiled new Smart Switches, too, that help provide more power and better energy efficiency around the office. These devices are designed to help your office run more efficiently and get more Internet-enabled devices connected to the Web.

Linksys Director of Product Development Luis Artiz explained to Small Business Trends that these and future releases from the company cater to “cash-sensitive” small business owners, especially. He said:

“People can be connected to things that are important to them, no matter what they are.”

Artiz says these first two devices are just the beginning for Linksys catering to the small business market.  Here’s a quick look at the new products Linksys introduced recently:

Dual-Band Wireless-AC Access Points

Two new Access Point devices are designed to improve a business’ wireless infrastructure to allow more devices to share your network connection.

The company says these devices can improve wireless connection speeds up to three times faster than current options for small businesses. In a statement, Linksys Business Products Director Steven Lin explained the new Access Points are designed for providing faster connectivity to a growing number of Web-enabled devices. This goes beyond just you and your employees’ smartphones and computers, too. Devices like security cameras and card scanners also require Internet access and consume valuable bandwidth.

“With the proliferation of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets in business environments the need for faster Wi-Fi and more capacity is evident. And with the Internet of Things moving into the office environment, everything will become connected going forward. It starts with notebooks and smartphones, but as we look forward, door locks, card scanners, cameras and security sensors can also be added to that list.”

Business Grade Smart Switches

Linksys also introduced six new Smart Switch products. These devices are designed to provide power to numerous devices on your business’ network.

The Smart Switches are available in 8-, 18-, and 26-Gigabit Ethernet port configurations with or without Power over Ethernet+. This can help provide power to connected devices like WiFi access points and IP security cameras, according to a Linksys release.

These Smart Switches can even power down ports when they’re not being used. This makes the devices energy-efficient and reduces power consumption. This could help save your business money in the long run, certainly.

Linksys and its parent company Belkin also announced a Partner Program for resellers of these and other devices. Companies that enter this Partner Program can be eligible for rewards based on sales volume. The companies also provide partners with training and promotions help to drive more sales.

Belkin acquired Linksys in March 2013. Since then, Linksys and Belkin have introduced more than 30 new products designed for small businesses, including surveillance cameras last January.

Image: Linksys


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  1. Linksys is a good brand. I usually find myself looking for the brand when I am buying devices. I think the way they are approaching small businesses are on the dot. Businesses nowadays really need more minimalism.