The Amazing Reason to Include Video in Your Next Email

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If you include a video in your next email, there’s a 96 percent greater chance the recipient will click through. Also, when someone looks you up online, they’re more likely to click a video link than a text link.

This information comes from a new video called, “Show Me Something,” created by Shutterstock with data from comScore. The video explores the growing world of online video, and it contains a number of interesting stats that could pertain to your company’s video marketing strategy.

View the complete video here:

The video includes information about just how many people watch online videos:

“In January 2014, 190 million Americans watched 75.6 billion videos online. That’s more than 60% of the entire us population, whether they’re connected or not.”

That’s a huge amount of people online videos are reaching, meaning it’s almost certainly a format your company should explore for reaching consumers.

Of course, not all of these viewers are looking for advertisements or business-created content. But the video suggests that many of them are, stating that 36% of videos watched are advertisements.

And more and more businesses are using this information to their advantage. According to the “Show Me Something” video, spending on online video has more than doubled over the past two years.

While this data means that more consumers are interested in watching online videos from businesses, it also means that more of these videos are appearing daily. So you can’t just add online videos to your marketing strategy. You have to make your videos stand out. This means creating unique and useful or entertaining content. But it also means making it as easy as possible for your target market to find, enjoy and share them.

Another changing aspect of the online video industry is the move to mobile. More people are beginning to use smartphones and tablets for everyday browsing. So it’s important to have mobile friendly videos to reach them.

In fact, the video states that one in six online videos were viewed on a mobile device this year, which is about twice as much as the amount of mobile videos viewed the previous year.

So What Should You Do With All This Information?

First, it’s important to simply understand the power that videos can have on people. It’s a format that allows people to experience your message more fully than they would be able to with text, photos, or audio on their own. And because of this, people are simply drawn to videos.

It doesn’t matter if your business sells a tangible product, offers a creative service, or provides information. There are ways you can use videos to your advantage. And simply including them in an email or on a website can mean more clicks and conversions for your business or brand.

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Annie Pilon Annie Pilon is a Senior Staff Writer for Small Business Trends, covering entrepreneur profiles, interviews, feature stories, community news and in-depth, expert-based guides. When she’s not writing she can be found exploring all that her home state of Michigan has to offer.

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  1. With faster Internet and with more and more people browsing the net with mobile, video will inevitably dominate the scene. And this includes marketing as well. People are more comfortable seeing things on video and they also tend to find it more credible.

    • It is definitely a format that helps you feel connected to the subject, so it makes sense that people are drawn to video.

  2. Wow, Annie, I didn’t know the percentage was that high re: 96%.

    When you say mobile-friendly, would a YouTube automatically be mobile-friendly or is there something you have to do to make it so?

    • I believe there is a setting on YouTube that allows you to make all of your videos mobile friendly – just a simple checkbox under Syndication, if I remember correctly.