Scoopshot Expands Photo and Video Crowdsourcing, and Automates Image Authentication Protocols in the US Market

NEW YORK, April 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Scoopshot, the global leader in crowdsourced, mobile photo and video content, reports that 500,000 global users and 70 media outlets and brands now subscribe to the platform. Top publishers, e.g., News Corp Australia, WAZ and Apple Daily, leverage Scoopshot’s ever-growing crowd to gather breaking news and other visual imagery. Scoopshot streamlines publishing processes, saves time and money, and creates new ways to harness user-generated content while driving audience engagement and enhanced revenue.

In the US, the Scoopshot user base has increased from 14,000 to nearly 50,000 in just six weeks.

Scoopshot’s Automated Image Authentication Protocols
While editors routinely source thousands of still or video images through social media or user-submitted email, authenticating user-generated content consumes hours of valuable editor time. Only Scoopshot has automatic, patent-pending image authentication processes that begins with image capture. Once a still or video image enters the ecosystem, authentication protocols examine images by geographical location, EXIF data, and resolution. Every image carries a unique Scoopshot identifier and the photographer’s name. This near-immediate validation process ensures that editors can immediately publish images in a safe, expedient manner.

Increase Engagement and Revenue with User Generated Content
As media organizations compete to retain and engage audiences, publishers use Scoopshot to make entire communities part of the newsgathering process. Anyone with a smartphone and the Scoopshot application can contribute photos and videos of breaking news stories and brand experiences, and perhaps get paid for their work.

The photo assignment process (tasks) is fast and easy:  Publishers simply send specific assignments to local, national or a global pool of Scoopshooters. Once Scoopshooters receive smartphone push notifications, they capture images and upload them, all within seconds. All Scoopshot content includes publishing and commercial rights; publisher-created tasks can be sold to third parties, creating revenue share opportunities.

User-generated content is a crucial component of a sustainable audience, particularly Millennials. According to a recent study from Ipsos MediaCT, Crowdtap and the Social Media Advertising Consortium, Millennials consider user generated content 35% more memorable and 50% more trustworthy than other media types. Of the 18 hours Millennials spend with media each day, five hours are now dedicated to user-generated content.

Large Scale Results

More than 1.3 million Scoopshot photos and videos have been posted, more than 1000 tasks have been completed and $500,000 has been paid to Scoopshooters. Dozens of media brands have run successful user-generated Scoopshot Task campaigns:

  • WAZ, Germany received 27,023 photos for “Show us your Favorite Coffee Cup”
  • Boerderij, Netherlands received 13,200 photos for “Share your Family Farming”
  • Apple Daily, Hong Kong received 2,922 photos for “Show us Your Valentine’s Gifts”

There are roughly 156 million smartphone users in the US, according to a recent Comscore report and media publishers who subscribe to Scoopshot have 500,000 global photographers at their fingertips. Scoopshot lets communities contribute content while publishers maintain hard-won, high standards of journalistic integrity.

Scoopshot projects millions of global users by the end of 2014. With the app available on iOS, Android and Windows devices, millions can easily join the Scoopshooter community now.

About Scoopshot
Scoopshot is the leading mobile platform for photo and video crowdsourcing. With nearly 500,000 mobile users and 1,500 professionals in 177 countries, Scoopshot has fundamentally transformed how media providers and brands source visual content and engage their audience. More than 70 leading media companies and brands use Scoopshot to gain instant access to a global pool of Scoopshooters. Partners include USA Today, News Corp Australia, Apple Daily, WAZ, Fiat, Finnair, Oxfam and many others. Scoopshot is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and incorporated and staffed in the US.

SOURCE Scoopshot

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