People Who Want to Visit Your Business Can Tell Their Friends Via Superb

superb app

The problem with consumers constantly being glued to their smartphone screens is that sometimes they forget there is a real world around them. A new iPhone app called Superb aims to show them what is in their area. That could mean bringing your local business to their attention and allowing them to tell their friends about it too.

In typical iPhone fashion, users swipe a location in their area with their finger – such as a restaurant, cafe or retail store – as a place they would like to visit. The Superb app then lets them see other people in the area who might also be interested in visiting the same location. This would be their friends on Facebook or anyone in their phone’s contact list that are also using Superb, and who they specifically designated a “friend.”

superb app

The actual act of swiping is a bit difficult to master as it is a bit clunky. But eventually it does start to work. The Superb app receives a users GPS, and using this, it calculates their current location. When it sees where they are, it starts making suggestions on where to go. Users swipe left to trash the suggestion, right to say they want to go there, and up and down to move through each suggested location.

Co-founder Eddy Lu recently told Gigaom:

“We wanted to take a step back, reduce the social barriers, and get people offline and connecting in the real world.”

When they see a place they like, users can tick the option “I want to go” or “I’d go again.” They can also leave a comment about what they thought of the place and upload their own photograph of the business.

Lu told Reuters:

“With Facebook and Foursquare it’s all about ‘This is where I was’ or ‘This is where I am’ but we’re all about future intent – not the present or the past.”

The Superb app also arranges places to see under different categories. So users can break down attractions to things like food and drink, arts and culture, health and beauty, travel and transport, and a few more.

It isn’t actually completely tied to a users location though. So they can enter any destination in the world they like and it will give them suggestions on what to visit there. So Suberb represents another word-of-mouth option for your customers to  share their thoughts on your business with their friends.


Mark O'Neill Mark O'Neill is a staff writer for Small Business Trends, covering software and social media. He is a freelance journalist who has been writing for over 25 years, and has successfully made the leap from newspapers and radio onto the Internet. From 2007-2013, he was the Managing Editor of

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  1. This is a pretty cool app. I used to depend on Foursquare to find some cool places near my location. This is also good for small businesses as they can get discovered through the app.

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