SuperLiked Launches to Connect People with Trusted Professionals

SAN FRANCISCO, April 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — There are a number of recommendation websites on the Internet, but for services where the stakes are higher than a meal – like physical therapy or dental work – most people still prefer referrals from trusted sources. But relying purely on friends and family to find service providers can often be limiting, for instance, if you are new to an area.



The newly launched SuperLiked, which is currently in public beta, aims to solve this problem by being the go-to destination for sharing positive reviews about professionals who deliver excellent service.

“The inspiration for SuperLiked came when my son needed a special medication,” said SuperLiked founder Ravi Duddukuru. “We arrived at the pharmacy just after they had closed, but one pharmacist went the extra mile to reopen the store and help my family in our time of need. That was the moment it hit me — when it comes to great service, people make the difference not businesses.”

By focusing on people rather than businesses, SuperLiked empowers customers to find and share information about great service providers, and enables professionals to build their public reputation as trustworthy experts. In addition, SuperLiked is the only community that strictly allows positive reviews – 3 stars is the lowest rating – and permits customers to anonymize their reviews for more personal services.

“When we receive great service our natural inclination is to say ‘thank you’ and occasionally share our experience with others,” explained Ravi. “But how much does that help the service provider? The mission of SuperLiked is to enable people to find great service providers, share their positive experiences with the world, and promote the professionals in our communities who continually provide excellent service.”

“I’m excited to have a dedicated SuperLiked profile where customers can share feedback about my services,” said Dina Moody, a Health & Fitness Coach in Fremont, CA. “The best part about SuperLiked is that I can build my reputation for providing excellent service regardless of the business I work for.”

SuperLiked makes adding new service providers and sharing reviews with your network, and the world, extremely easy. All ratings are totaled and averaged for each professional, and proprietary search technology is used to display the most relevant and highly rated professionals for every query.

SuperLiked exists to change how people recommend and discover great professionals. Join today and be part of the change.

About SuperLiked
SuperLiked connects people with service providers like doctors, dentists, lawyers, teachers and more. On SuperLiked, you can find and review the best professionals and help your community discover great service. SuperLiked is the only reviews-community that strictly focuses on professionals, not businesses. On SuperLiked, you’ll find and connect with the best professionals because life’s too short to settle for anything less.


Ravi Duddukuru
(415) 231-0369
Address: SuperLiked, 2443 Fillmore St, #380-4483, San Francisco, CA – 94115

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