To The Victor Go The Spoils – Sorry Victor

victor go the spoils cartoon

I ran across the phrase “to the victor go the spoils” one day while perusing some books at the library, and that cartooning bell went off in my head. Almost immediately, little turns on that idea started coming:

  • Guy named Victor sitting at desk with basket labelled “spoils.”
  • Deliveryman with boxes labeled “Spoils” says to receptionist, “Is Victor here?”
  • Loud guy says to guy at desk with name “Victor” on nameplate, “Turns out he was dead the whole time!” Caption underneath, “To the Victor go the spoils.”

Ultimately, I went a little darker – but there’s always a lot of ways to look at a joke like this.

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  1. Lol! That’s a playful spin on a popular saying! Give the spoils to Victor! No, fire him and we get to keep it ALLLL! WOHAHAAAAAA!

    I also really like the second idea you had. 🙂