You Will Never Guess What’s In This Beer Targeting Zombie Enthusiasts

dockstreet walker beer

Here’s a beer that has — wait for it — brains in it.

It might sound crazy, but a Philadelphia-based microbrewery is hoping it’s just crazy enough to work. The Dock Street Brewing Co. created the interesting blend of wheat, oats, flaked barley, organic cranberries and smoked goat brains in honor of AMC’s hit show “The Walking Dead.”

Over the last four seasons, the show, which features a post apocalyptic society where zombies or “walkers” run rampant, has gained a faithful and enthusiastic audience. Based on a comic book series of the same name, the show is one of the most talked about on social media each week. It’s even spawned a talk show dedicated to discussing the events of each episode.

The show’s season 4 finale delivered 15.7 million viewers. And of course the Dock Street Brewing Co. hosted a viewing party where it officially released its Dock Street Walker beer.

Fans of “The Walking Dead” are not just fans. They are very enthusiastic and dedicated fans. So the microbrewery automatically has a built-in fan base of people who would at least be interested in the beer, if not quite adventurous enough to try it themselves.

But the show’s growing fan base isn’t the only reason microbreweries might choose to take risks with their brews. As Business Insider points out:

“More and more craft and microbreweries are pushing the envelope when it comes to creating new brews partly because they can, and partly because craft beer drinkers are developing ever more adventurous palates.”

A beer brewed with real brains is enough to make anyone curious – and curiosity can be a powerful marketing tool.

dockstreet walker

Even consumers who aren’t fans of “The Walking Dead” could learn of the interesting beer and decide to explore their adventurous side.

The unusual ingredient may even attract some non-risk-takers to the rest of Dock Street Brewing Co.’s beers with more tame ingredients.

Images: Dock Street Brewing Co.


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  1. Smoked goat brains? I think the fandom has gone too far on this one.

    • Ah, my reaction exactly Robert!

    • I feel the same way. While I also liked these shows, I cannot say that I am comfortable in getting a taste of a goat brain. That’s just way too disgusting for me.

      • Yeah I used to watch The Walking Dead but haven’t caught up on recent episodes. So I’m not enough of a superfan or adventurer to go for this beer, but if people want to try it more power to them!

  2. Uhm, well that’s certainly…interesting…and different…very.

    It’s not for me as I wouldn’t eat goat’s brains anyway, not to talk of it being in a beer. But, you know, if people wanna try it, their choice, their belly, their wallet.

    I think it might do well. I admire the company for going for it.

    • Haha yes I can’t say I would eat goat brains in any circumstance either. But far be it for me to stop others who are more open minded with their food/beer choices.

      • To add to that, I’m rarely one for beer anyway. So it would be a combination of two things I’m not that hot about.

        It’s definitely an unusual product. And adventurous for those who are up for trying it (or maybe it’s the norm for some folks, which is cool too.)

  3. Jay Kings Mango

    Hi Annie Palion do you mind having me feature our articles on my website. I your articles very exclusive and interesting to read so far

  4. Martin Lindeskog

    How does smoked goat brain taste? I think I will pass on this beer. And I am not a “zombie” enthusiast, so I am missing the whole thing? What’s your favorite small business beer? The microbreweries are big business in the United States of America nowadays, and it is coming strong in Scandinavia too.

    • I couldn’t tell you how smoked goat brains taste, and I don’t really plan on trying them in beer or otherwise either. But we do have some great breweries here in Michigan that have beer without goat brains. So I think I will stick with those hah. It does seem like microbreweries are getting more prominent though, huh?