Diane Helbig Diane Helbig is a Professional Coach and the president of Seize This Day. Diane is a Contributing Editor on COSE Mindspring, a resource website for small business owners, as well as a member of the Top Sales World Experts Panel at Top Sales World.

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  1. Very useful list. Thank you. I can see a few I’d like to do including influencer marketing and online events/open calls. I’d like to explore that via Skype.

  2. As a podcaster, I like to see that podcasting is included in the list. Couldn’t newsjacking / trendjacking be a tricky thing to get right?

    • Yes, Martin, trendjacking could be tricky. I think you should always stay in your field and make sure you are keeping true to your values. Not all trending topics are good for jacking.

  3. I love the LinkedIn tips. It’s a majorly underused network.

    Also, remarketing/retargeting is a killer way to reach out to visitors to your site that came, looked, but didn’t convert.

    • do you get a lot of leads through LinkedIn? I am going to start utilizing this app. I really don’t use it at all.

  4. Social proof is perhaps one of the easiest ways to generate leads. I am quite interested in the Help a Reporter part though. It’s a new idea for me.

  5. A small business website is often forgotten as a great way to generate leads. Many will put a great deal of effort into their website design, only to forget how to collect information on those who visit their site. As well, small business owners no longer have to approach the freelance market for these tasks with the helpful hand of a website designer at freelance cost.

  6. These are great points! Google Alerts is a good way to track your own business, industry and clients. Posting a link to a client’s news item lets them know you pay attention. I will adopt many of these practices immediately!

  7. I absolutely enjoyed this post and it helped me pieces together some parts that were missing in my work as well, remarketing, LinkedIn as well as Help a Reporter bits. On the comment about focusing on website design and forgetting about collecting information on visitor, resonated with me, i’m afraid to admit!

  8. Hi Diane,
    Thanks for sharing these ideas about lead generation, all tips are very useful, i also use Social media and email marketing to generate good leads.


  9. Hi Diane,

    Thanks were for the tips they were quite useful ,one additional observation that I believe is that often the power of Visual media is undermined in b2b senario ,many people find it ridiculous to invest on a YouTube ad or promotional videos . Don’t you think it is indeed overlooked or it doesn’t really play any role as far business interests in b2b scenario is concerned.


    • Thanks for the question. I didn’t think it was an overlooked lead gen opportunity. It seemed to me that many businesses were aware of the value of video in marketing.

  10. Really nice ideas you got here. I will try some. The most interesting for me is influencer marketing. Let’s see how it performs in terms of results.

    • I did not know about LinkedIn saved search. I think that LinkedIn is an effective marketing tool but it I have yet to see its potential.

  11. Great ideas. Very applicable indeed. There are a lot of ways on how to generate lead online. Ofcourse, one of it is with the use of social media. I will try to explore on these ideas you have given. Thank you so much .

  12. Hi Diane, I was thinking about doing Radio in my area but don’t know if they are accepting anything under 10k a month budget so I may have to wait. I really appreciate this post, really taught me a few things!

  13. Putting up an explainer video on your website can give you more sales. As instead of going through pages of content, your visitors can easily understand what you’re selling just by watching a video that talks about your business! Get your explainer video at clickcode media.


  14. There are various practices by which we can enhance traffic on websites such as social referrals, SEO but my personal favourite is Email Marketing, which is a way better than these.It gives us genuine leads and also drives traffic.I use Easysendy Pro for email marketing which is proved very effective to my organisation.

  15. I would do Radio Guest in my area but I’m so shy lol. I try to keep to social media until I get a little better with public speaking, thanks for sharing Kuhu.

  16. That is not as important as people think 🙂

    The first step to get results is to figure out 2 metrics:
    – LTV for the time you can afford (for 1 day, for a week, month, year or maybe even 5 years)
    – your conversion rates

    When you know that for example:
    – every lead brings you $10 first month and
    – your landing page converts 50%

    From there you can understand how much are willing to spend to acquire customers and what is the max bid you can afford

    And after that you can reread that article to find the best place where you can buy those leads for your type of business