Birds of a Feather Flock Together on Vingle, a New Social Network Site

what is vingle

Do you have any hobbies you really love? A new South Korean-based social network called Vingle wants to help you connect and converse with people who have similar passions across the globe no matter what languages they speak!

The site boasts over 2,000 interests that users can create and follow via a collections tool. Popular topics on the site include news, sports, entertainment, food, fashion and travel.

Vingle allows users to share and schedule “cards” for publishing that are basically posts which can include photos, videos or links. The site lets you both follow a feed of personally selected “collections” or just everything popular on the site in a Pinterest-like grid view.

Now even though the network may look like Pinterest at first glance, the site is more about connecting people around common interests than the easy bookmarking of media. You can use the Vingle bookmarklet in your browser to easily clip highlight reels, photo galleries, travel journals and other Web pages to share with the community. Vingle has received approximately $1.5 million U.S. dollars in funding to date, and has apps available for the Android and iOS.

Vingle was founded in October 2011 by Jiwon Moon and Changseong Ho, makers of the popular international video site Viki where people can watch movies with subtitles translated in 150 different languages. The founders vision for the Vingle platform drew from the global spirit of communication offered via Viki to also allow near unlimited language support. The most active languages on the site so far are English, Spanish, Indonesian, Korean, Thai and French.

The Vingle team highlighted the goals of the site:

“We, the Vingle staff, are a group of people gathered from 10 different countries to build an international playground that transcends all borders. We want to help people both connect, and enjoy talking about their passions. Your passion is the life of the party! Enjoy the party!”

You can also check out DashBurst’s favorite interests on Vingle here. Just hover over any of our collections like “Art & Design” or “Social Media” to follow along!

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  1. Hmm. Interesting. I might very well check it out and join it myself. Thanks for sharing a link to your profile there.

  2. I have always considered myself as a person of passion. I always wanted to share what I love with other people. It is with this reason why this site instantly got my attention. Quickly signed up for an account after reading this. Haha!

  3. Oh my! Yet another social networking site.

  4. It definitely sounds like it could be interesting, will have to check it out!