15 eCommerce Storefronts You Can Add in Minutes

ecommerce storefronts

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The world of eCommerce is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. There’s a lot of room for anyone who wants to grab a slice of the pie. But as you can imagine, the competition is fierce.

To be competitive, you’ll need a storefront that can be customized, but also that can be set up without a lot of extra design and other costs associated with setting up a website.

eCommerce Storefronts

Below are 15 eCommerce storefronts that offer quick startup while being cost effective.

Each one has been specifically chosen to help you get up and running quickly, without any design skills or technical chops needed.  You don’t even need to worry about hosting.  Just find the one that works best for you, choose a template and you’re ready to go.

Supa Dupa

ecommerce storefronts

Supa Dupa is a platform that bills itself as giving you a variety of choices about how the products you are displaying or selling appear. For example, you can choose from a selection of more than 40 different design templates or design your own. The platform also offers integrations with six payment options including Paypal, and you can accept payment from more than 20 different countries.

Plans range from about $20 to $50 per month and include unlimited bandwidth and a free trial option.


ecommerce storefronts

One unique aspect of Lightcms is that its various features are available across all of its plans. So, instead of paying for added features, you just choose a plan based on the size of your website and how many pages you need. And all other features are the same no matter what package you choose.

Based on the size of your business, you can pay anywhere from about $20 to $100 per month and receive anywhere from 1GB to unlimited bandwidth. The benefit of this system for smaller retailers would be the ability to keep a variety of features without paying for a big business version. All you need to do is select a smaller website with fewer pages to start.  Plans start at ten pages and go to unlimited.

Magento Go

ecommerce storefronts

Magento Go is a product of eBay and hosts some of the most well known brands in the world, including Nike, Warby Parker, Easton and Vizio.  Although the platform is typically used in medium to large size businesses, there are also solutions for small businesses and solo-entrepreneurs.

The plans start at around $15 per month and go up to over $100 per month. Magento Go also offers ‘extensions,’ which are similar to plugins. So it lets you add and remove elements to build a storefront that suits your needs.


ecommerce storefronts

Shopify is one of the biggest names in independently hosted eCommerce. The platform is known for its customer support, designs and flexibility. Shopify was the first to offer iPad point of sale, which lets users sell products from brick and mortar locations.  Lots of others have followed, but Shopify keeps making changes in its platform and offers a lot of different options for customizing your site.

The company maintains its reputation as an innovator in eCommerce storefronts and remains pretty affordable on the basics. The cheapest plan is currently under $15 per month and the most expensive is $200.


ecommerce storefronts

Storeenvy offers a storefront builder that is free, with the exception of a $5 monthly fee to use your own domain. The service offers many of the same features other builders do, such as custom templates, dashboard analytics, and unlimited storage.  Another downside, however, is that Paypal is the one and only payment processor available. So if you’re looking for other options you’re out of luck.


ecommerce storefronts

By offering yearly subscriptions, Jimdo is able to keep costs down for storefront builders.  They offer three different plans, including one free option with a five product limit. But the yearly cost for more robust options can go up to almost $250 per year.

This platform allows for more actual website customization than some of the other eCommerce platforms, with features like sitemaps, meta tags, and blogs. But basic features like photo galleries and statistics are also included.


ecommerce storefronts

Goodsie is a powerful online store builder allowing for real time customization, changing background layouts and colors. Both of the available plans offer unlimited products, mobile and Facebook optimized eCommerce storefronts, and a coupon system. The premium plan also offers additional features like multiple accounts and permissions, email marketing, and shipping and logistics.

Its integrated payment services include PayPal, Stripe, Braintree and Authorize.net. Prices go up to $75 per month and a free trial version is also available.

Flying Cart

ecommerce storefronts

Flying cart is built to improve site visibility and ease of use with features like built-in marketing and SEO tools, order tracking services and coupon management. There are 5 different plans to suit businesses of various sizes, ranging from under $10 per month to over $300.

The platform uses PayPal and Google Checkout to process payments from major credit cards. Users can customize eCommerce storefronts themselves or request a custom theme.


ecommerce storefronts

Volusion offers a platform for those who are serious about eCommerce.  Features include automatic tax rates, social media tools and integration with various other online platforms. The more advanced plans also include things like phone orders, cart recovery and batch order processing for high-volume retailers.

The company offers templates and design packages, as well as SEO and various other marketing tools. Monthly plans start at $15 and go up over $100.


ecommerce storefronts

Tictail touts its free platform as being easy to use. Businesses can begin selling almost immediately thanks to pre-designed themes and tracking tools. But sites are also customizable and come with features like certified secure checkout, mobile friendly sites, an app store, and credit card processing via PayPal.

It also involves a unique tool known as a “to do feed” which serves as a sales adviser by regularly suggesting tasks to improve customer relations.


ecommerce storefronts

This service offers a customizable user experience by integrating with popular online platforms like MailChimp, Vend, Xero and various social media platforms. Airsquare uses Stripe and Paypal for payment processing. Site designs are mobile-friendly and customizable, including widgets for galleries, videos, and other media.

The base plan is less than $20 per month but only includes a basic website with no storefront. Airsquare offers two other plans that both include storefront options. Both are under $100 per month, but the lower plan includes a small transaction fee as well. 24/7 support and a free trial version are also available.


ecommerce storefronts

The Bigcommerce experience can vary greatly depending on what each user is looking for. The site offers quick and easy setup options like pre-made templates and drag and drop design, but also offers white glove setup for Platinum customers.

As such, prices also range greatly, from about $35 per month to almost $200. Other features include product ratings, built-in blog and SEO features, and more than 150 different app integrations to customize each site even further. There are three different plans to choose from and also an Enterprise option that can be customized for large retailers.


ecommerce storefronts

Enstore is a free platform that offers some basic features like customizable templates, payment processing, and SEO. The platform works with Checkout and AccountEdge to manage and fulfill orders. Users can choose which of those two platforms to use and then customize their experience from there.


ecommerce storefronts

Known mainly as a blog and web hosting platform, Squarespace also offers options for online storefronts. Its personal plan only allows users to sell one product and accept donations. But its professional and business plans allow for more products and additional services like galleries, blogs, accounting, and more.

Integrated features include Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and an analytics tool. Squarespace also offers product importing from other storefront software. Each plan is less than $25 per month and free trials are also available.

Big Cartel

ecommerce storefronts

Big Cartel specializes in eCommerce storefronts for creative entrepreneurs, including clothing designers, musicians, and crafters. As such, the platform offers a number of different options for creative customization. Users can select a pre-made theme and just change elements like fonts and colors, or code a site from scratch. Other features include site analytics, SEO, order management, discount codes, and Facebook integration.

Plans range from free with a limit of 5 products to about $30 monthly with up to 300 products listed.

What is your favorite storefront builder?


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  1. Store Envy is quite popular here in our country. I also liked the way it is designed. I guess the kind of storefront you choose will ultimately depend on the products you plan to offer.

    • Yes, definitely. That’s why it’s great there are so many different options – something for everyone!

  2. Annie,

    Great compilation. I am using Tictail (it started in Sweden). Have you tested Meylah?

  3. Annie: An addendum: I am using Squarespace tool also, but the payment solution is not open in Sweden yet, so I can’t use it the whole way as it is now.

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