Young Designer Wows the World of Women’s Business Attire


Creating women’s pants probably doesn’t sound like the most exciting business venture. But professional women might also notice a lack of options when it comes to different styles and types of dress pants.

Entrepreneur Eunice Cho noticed this void in the market. She wanted to find pants she could wear to interview for business school that were sleek like her favorite skinny jeans, but also comfortable and formal looking.

That’s why she decided to start her own line of women’s pants, AELLA. Instead of creating an entire collection of various items, she decided to throw all of her energy into one thing and just make it the best product she could. She said in an email interview with Small Business Trends:

“For AELLA, we really focus on a specific product item – pants, which I don’t think are high on many designers’ minds just because they are a pain in the neck to make – and pay a lot of attention to how this product can support a woman’s busy lifestyle.”


Since she chose to focus on one type of product, Cho was careful to remain very detail oriented. She used an Italian knit fabric that she said feels like a jersey fabric but sill looks luxe and professional. She thinks this was the most important decision she had to make, but there were so many different details to consider. She said that even creating something as seemingly simple as pants takes a lot of research and attention to detail:

“Understanding everything there is to know and more about your product goes a long way.”

Some of Cho’s knowledge about fabrics and clothing came early. Her family owned a textile business while she was growing up. She said that all of the knowledge she accrued during that time came in handy once she started working in fashion.

Before AELLA, Cho received a degree from Yale and an MBA from UCLA. Then she spent time working for other designers and creative professionals including luxury brand Kiki De Montparnasse.


She said that her previous experience helped her understand the hard work that goes into creating any type of original product, a lesson that helped prepare her for all the work that went into AELLA:

“The big takeaway from having worked in different creative jobs is that everything you see requires a lot more thought, work and process than you might expect. It’s actually incredible how much work goes into creating something, even simple things.”

In the future, Cho said she plans to create more items to complement her line of pants. For now, she’s focusing on the current line of products and working on building her online business.

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  1. I like that Eunice focused on one thing – pants – and threw all her energy into that. I know it’s often said one shouldn’t put all their eggs in one basket, but it seems to be working for her.

    I wonder what AELLA means and why she chose it?