Brother Is The Latest Company To Introduce Cloud Storage


With so many cloud storage solutions already out there, you would think that there is no need for another one. But Brother International Corp seems to think otherwise. The company has launched a cloud-based file management service for small to medium-sized businesses.

Called BR-Docs, the service enables you to organize, store, sync and access digital files from a desktop or a mobile devices. It does this via a simple drag and drop system from the local PC to the BR-Docs site. Or you can use the sync plugin tool for Microsoft Office. You can also view your moved files on Apple and Android mobile devices.

There are several features of the new service that Brother insists sets it apart from the competition, though regular cloud users may already be familiar with similar features on other platforms.

  • BR-Docs gives you the ability to manage your files in one location. You can create groups, grant access, and make keyword searches to find any files you’ve placed in the cloud. Users can also assign tasks and automate functions.
  • In a feature common on other cloud services, you can collaborate with colleagues. Start by creating a workspace, then add documents, assign and manage content. You can also chat with your colleagues.
  • Finally, you can scan and save searchable files, making them completely digitized. This can be done on certain Brother scanners, which can scan the documents straight to BR-Docs, bypassing the computer completely.


In a move which further integrates Brother technology with BR-Docs, you can also print files that are in BR-Docs directly to Brother printers. In a release announcing the service, Dan Waldinger, Director of Solutions and Services at Brother International Corporation explained:

“Cloud computing has dramatically helped to improve collaboration with employees both in the office and on the go. BR-Docs is a comprehensive and secure cloud document management solution that can help business improve workflow efficiencies and ultimately promote a more productive work environment.”

The account you need depends on the number of users you plan to have. A personal account for up to three users costs $5 per month per user. The next step up is the premier account for up to 10 users, costing $8 per month per user. Every account gets an initial 30 day free trial.

Whichever account you choose, you get 25GB of online storage, which is considerably better than more established services such as Dropbox and iCloud.

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  1. I guess Brother wants a piece of the pie, regardless how many pies are already out there. Potential money to be made, plus cloud storage is the new buzz – they perhaps want to be seen to be a part of it.