Colony Logic Launches CLX

LOS ANGELES, May 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Colony Logic today launched CLX, a cloud-based SaaS platform, to help companies simplify the sales and customer lifecycle management process. CLX is the first platform to provide end-to-end automation — helping sales teams pick the right products, manage the on-boarding process quickly, and easily access detailed analytics with performance insights. This allows Colony Logic partners to dramatically reduce costs and spend more time building customer relationships.

CLX was designed with the flexibility to sell and manage any type of product suite and is currently available with products for the media, e-commerce, financial services and automotive industries.

“With the proliferation of digital products available for companies to sell and support, there are myriad choices to offer customers,” said Geoff Stevens, CEO of Colony Logic. “In addition, for each product that a customer uses, there is typically a separate on-boarding process to get the customer up and running. Too often, salespeople and account managers get bogged down by mundane details that distract them from their true mission — building relationships, closing more sales, and exceeding customer expectations. The CLX platform automates and simplifies the sales process, on-boarding customers and providing up-to-the minute analytics and insight, providing a true end-to-end sales lifecycle management solution.”

CLX includes a recommendation engine that evaluates each customer’s needs based on which products work best for similar businesses. It automatically creates a sales proposal filled with the partner’s own products that will best help customers meet their goals and also provides recommendations for additional products that can lead to upsell opportunities.

One of the biggest challenges faced by every company offering digital products today is the process for getting customers up and running. Multiple products typically mean each new customer on-boarding requires a tedious amount of labor, order processing and time. CLX streamlines order fulfillment with a user interface that requires sales people to only enter customer information once. Ultimately, this reduces labor needs and speed to market, and helps control costs.

CLX also dramatically changes the way partners analyze and optimize products for their customers. Typically, for companies offering anywhere from dozens to hundreds of different products, each product requires a separate log-in to view performance analytics. CLX provides one dashboard that allows teams to view program and marketing metric analytics in one place for all of their products, and utilizes built-in intelligence to offer optimization recommendations. This allows sales teams and customers to see which solutions are most effective and adjust the product mix quickly, providing immediate improvements in performance.

“Colony Logic has created a game-changing technology that creates order where there has typically been chaos,” said Tony Bulugaris, VP Client Operations for The Berry Corporation. “The CLX platform simplifies the process from end-to-end, so our sales people can spend more time in direct contact with customers. Not only does the sales team love the technology, it streamlines back-end operations, reducing labor needs and significantly reducing costs.”

About Colony Logic

Colony Logic is a platform technology company that simplifies the process of selling and managing digital products. The company’s proprietary CLX platform is an enterprise-class, SaaS platform that intelligently handles all the logistics involved in selling, provisioning, ordering, fulfilling, managing and analyzing product offerings – all from a simple, integrated user interface.

The company has managed hundreds of thousands of digital programs in nine countries and five languages and works with organizations such as The Berry Company, Tribune, Media News Group, Cox Communications, Scripps, Reynolds, Hitachi Consulting, Excentus, OfferLogix, and Sensis. Its platforms have received multiple awards from INC. 500, Red Herring 100, Deloitte, and OnMobile Top 100.

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Los Angeles, Colony Logic is a Talus Holdings company, a diversified investment concern with a focus on adtech and technology platform solutions, backed by leading investors, including Blackstone/GSO Capital Partners.

For more information, visit or call (310) 598-1813

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