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  1. I always wash my hands first thing when I come indoors. We can carry a lot on our hands, even when we think they’re relatively clean.

    I’d add to food, that it’s not just sandwiches and finger food one should look out for – it’s drink cans too — clean the surface or use a glass or straw.

  2. Everybody, including the World Health Organization in its April 2014 report on Antimicrobial Resistance, talks of regular washing of hands as being the silver bullet to preventing the spread and infection of disease. Unfortunately, most people either don’t do this at all, or do it ineffectively…which negates the good washing of those more diligent.

    Think about washing your hands after using the restroom. If the person before you has not washed their hands, as soon as you touch the door handle to exit, your hands are dirty again…with somebody else’s germs!! Germ-O-Gard, sprayed on the door handle, kills germs before they have a chance to spread.

    This is the future of the prevention of germ spread!

  3. And don’t forget the handbags – ladies I’m looking at you. I’ve seen a majority put them on the bathroom counters. Anti bacterial hand wash definitely is one way to minimize chances of infection.