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Twitter Chat: How You Can Improve Your Signage and Marketing Efforts

fedex twitter chat

Mark your calendars for a special Twitter Chat on signage and marketing!

If your business includes a brick and mortar location (or even if it doesn’t) you likely employ some kind of signage to bring in prospects, customers or clients. On a very functional level, effective signage or graphics lets people know your business is there. It might also tell them something about your product or service, including how to use it or what benefits it can provide.

Signage can have an emotional impact too. It can make people decide whether to venture into your store or whether to look at your products. It can even make them decide whether or not they want to do business with you at all.

On a very basic level, signage or graphics can be some of the most important marketing you do.

So how are you handling signage in your business? And is it attracting customers and helping them better understand your business or is it driving them away?

Join me, Small Business Trends CEO Anita Campbell (@smallbiztrends [1]), for a discussion on the best and worst when it comes to signs and graphics.

The chat will be Tuesday May 13th at 8PM EST. Follow @FedExOffice [2] under the hashtag #SMBSignage to participate. Be sure to show up with your questions about signage and how it affects the marketing of your small business.

There will also be a gift card giveaway – many thanks to our wonderful sponsor FedEx for making this informative event possible!

Twitter Chat Details

What: Twitter chat

When: Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 8PM EST

Where: #SMBSignage hashtag

Host Handle: @FedExOffice [2]

See you there!

Disclosure: FedEx Office compensated me to participate as a small business expert during the FedEx Office Tweet Chat program and write this post. FedEx Office also provided the gift cards. The ideas in this blog post are mine and not ideas or advice from FedEx Office.