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Make Your Business Look Spiffy, Customers Can Soon Put Video on Yelp

yelp video reviews

If the lighting in your little bistro or coffee shop strikes your visitors just right, it might inspire a video. And a smartphone might capture a few fleeting seconds if the music on your sound system creates just the right vibe.

Of course, you take the bitter with the sweet.

That intrusive video clip could also capture the mouse running across the floor towards the kitchen, or the flies that somehow got into your pastry case. Yikes! And soon any of these moments, good or bad, might wind up next to a review of your business on Yelp. So keep your place looking spiffy.

The review site will introduce video uploads to its “elite users [1]” by June, mobile product manager, Madhu Prabaker told [2] Business Insider recently. Soon after, video rolls out to all other users, he said.

Prabaker described the new Yelp video¬†reviews as a “reward” for businesses that create just the right ambiance. But be ware. You wont feel very rewarded if the wrong video becomes a part of your business’s online reputation.

Video clips will run between 3 and 12 seconds. Customers using Yelp’s mobile app will get the chance to shoot and upload video whenever they write a review. They will then pick a cover photo like on YouTube and can write a caption.

yelp video reviews

As the number of videos increases, Yelp’s technology will ensure the best, most helpful videos float to the top.

The question remains. Could the new feature encourage a flurry of fake videos by business owners trying to create the best impression [3] or by their competitors trying to create the worst?

In any case, it’s probably the best reason to run your business each day as if the whole world is watching. It may turn out to be the truth.

Images: Yelp