Quantify Lets You Shop For Your Next Business Consultant Online


If your company has a problem and needs expertise your staff doesn’t possess, one option is to go to a consultant.

Similarly, if you have expertise that might be useful to a small to medium-sized company, becoming a consultant could be the ideal business model for you.

Up until now, finding the consultant your company needs at the right price could be a challenge. Same goes for consultants seeking businesses in need of the experience they can offer.

But a new website called Quantify says its purpose is to put small to medium sized businesses together with consultants who can help them solve their problems.

The site lets business consultants sign up to share their expertise and allows businesses to either schedule a pay-per-minute call with a consultant or post a job with details of what they need done and receive a quote from a consultant interested in your business.

Quantify even does some vetting for you ahead of time. Consultants signing up to offer their services provide their experience and background, so they can be matched with the skills a business is looking for.

Quantify pledges to screen all applicants to make sure they are qualified. The company also demands that all registered consultants sign a confidentiality agreement upon logging on to use the site.

Quantify claims to already have consultants with a wide range of experience. The site says some of its consultants have experience from top tier institutions like Harvard Business School and Yale School of Management and companies like Amazon, Google, Bain Consulting, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, McDonald’s Corporation, and more.

The company also claims to take some of the other headaches out of the relationship between businesses and consultants.

First, Quanify promises to handle all transactions between consultants and clients securely and confidentially on the site.

Second, the site promises to cut costs for firms seeking expertise. Instead of paying the overhead often associated with engaging a consulting firm, Quantify claims to offer a pool of qualified consultants competing for your company’s business.

In a prepared release explaining some of the website’s featured, Nizar Noorani, Quantify CTO and co-founder called the process “smartsourcing.”

Businesses or consultants interested in trying the site out can simply visit Quantify and choose to either schedule a call, post a job or sign up to provide services.

Image: Quantify


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