Business Brokers and Twitter Value Questioned in Community This Week

Business Brokers and Twitter Value Questioned in Community This Week

It’s time for another installment of the Small Business Trends Community News and Information Roundup. We track important blogs and business communities for the news and topics most important to you. Here’s what’s being discussed:

Questions for Your Business Broker (

If it ever comes time to sell your business, it’s time to hire a broker. But how do you make sure you hire the right one to meet your objectives when putting your business up for sale? Blogger Peter Watson shares some questions you might want to ask a perspective broker first.

Rethinking Twitter for Business  (The Context of Things)

The value of Twitter for business is almost unquestioned these days. But with a mere fraction of Facebook’s reach, perhaps it should be. Here blogger Ted Bauer asks about the true impact of using Twitter for small business. What do you think?

Manage Expenses and Grow Your Business (Concur)

The right expense management software can give your business room to grow, reports blogger Amy Higgins. Managing expenses could empower your financial team, employees and decision makers. What efforts are you making to control expenses?

Search Tops Social for Online Referrals (Marketing Land)

Assuming all or part of your business will be conducted online, the battle between search engine and social media referral is important. It’ll decide where you spend most of your marketing in the near future. Search referrals retook the lead in May. But Matt McGee wonders for how long.

Manage Your Reputation (TweakYourBiz)

As a small business with an established brand, your reputation is everything. Dissatisfied customers or others wishing to hurt you could attack your reputation online or off. The important thing is to fight back and address the attack. Here are some ways to begin, says blogger Jean Dion.

Consider Website Navigation (Emphasize Design)

If your business has an online presence, your website is hugely important to your success. But success goes far beyond how attractive your website might be to the eye. A design firm in Calgary, Alberta stresses the importance of a site that visitors can use with ease.

Entrepreneurs Can Make Their Own Luck (The Resourceful CEO)

Tiffany C. Wright looks at some interesting research suggesting that good luck is anything but. If you believe you can make your own luck, say, by adopting a resilient attitude instead of dwelling on your failures, you’ll like this post. See some additional discussion in the BizSugar community.

Look at Your Policy on Emails After Work (EnMast)

The Internet, home computers and especially smartphones have made us potentially accessible everywhere. And for business, this can be both good and bad. When can being connected become too much? Devan Perine looks at rethinking your email policy with some further discussion at BizSugar.

Make Your Customers Feel Welcome and Appreciated (CrowdSpring)

Not every aspect of small business success has to do with the technology you use, as we’ve seen. In fact, entrepreneur Ross Kimbarovsky suggests making your customers feel appreciated is a big factor. Here are some more thoughts from the BizSugar community.

Use Google Plus with Hangouts on Air (Ms. Ileane Speaks Podcast)

The opportunities for communication open to entrepreneurs and small business owners, continue to expand. Here blogger Ileane Smith talks about one option that should not be overlooked. Do you use this channel for creating free live broadcasts? Smith shares more with the small business community.

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  1. Another fantastic wrap-up.

    There are so many important small business topics in this post.

    I’m not sure why, but website design and navigation especially, are coming up a lot as of late.

    Maybe it’s because all of us scanning websites faster and faster?

    The Franchise King®

  2. I think that Twitter is waning when it comes to business value. It is now harder to get your posts noticed on Twitter except if you already have some loyal followers who follow your conversation. It is not good for updates. It is good for conversations.

    • @Aira,

      I my opinion good timing when to post should be considered. It depends on the type of audience and type of followers. Updates are good if they can find value from your post. According to AddThis most sharing in Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin happens in the morning when people get to work. 🙂

  3. Going to read this one – Entrepreneurs Can Make Their Own Luck – as I could do with the inspiration. I do think though that most people have the ability to make their own luck, entrepreneur or not.

  4. Thanks for the feature on the email article, guys. 🙂 And great chatting with Heather on Biz Sugar about it!