How to Strengthen Your Social Media Content Marketing Strategy

social media content marketing strategy

Setting up a Twitter account or a Facebook page is not a difficult task. However, fostering authentic conversation with a community through those networks without the right social media content marketing strategy – is not.

Content runs the social Web. It is what gives your brand something to talk about with your customers, current and prospective. The evolution of content marketing has opened more avenues to reach your targeted audience. They can read or view your content through RSS feed, blogs, infographics, videos, and other forms of digital content.

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Your content marketing strategy should be strengthened time and again and you can enrich your social media content marketing efforts using these tactics.

Strengthen Your Social Media Content Marketing Strategy

Integrating 3 Important Stages


There is nothing like involving your social media followers in the content creation process. Whether they are industrial thought leaders or customers, co-created content is an investment by the participants and is much bigger and full of significant ideas than what you would normally create on your own.


Build sequential content assets into your social media content marketing plan. Whether it’s a series of videos that you post as pieces of puzzle, or images that identify people in the industry, great content create anticipation of what’s next.


Embracing social media is not just about increasing fans, friends, or follower counts. Social media is engaging the community for mutual benefit. Content planning that coordinates extension with bloggers, industrial leaders, customers, employees or members of the media can provide great exposure.

Share Content Multiple Times

Share your blog posts more than once. This strategy has three major benefits:

1) Maximum Traffic: Sharing your content more than once with a different angle each time helps you drive more traffic. Actual visits to your post can increase with each new share.

2) Reach Multiple Time Zones: Posting the same content multiple times helps you expose it to different time zones. Sharing the same content multiple times with a different spin each time helps to reach people living in different time zones with different social media habits.

3) New Followers: If you share some of your old articles, it may be that many of your followers are seeing it for the first time. They may receive value from it even if it’s a bit older, yet still relevant. Consider using the Twitter Counter tool to track the growth of your followers. This will give you insights as to the best time to share some of your older content too.

Host a Twitter Chat

Conversations via a Twitter chat offer a great way to engage with existing followers and prospective clients through a variety of topics. This can also help increase your content’s exposure and make the most of the moment by sharing useful solutions, guidance and actionable tips. By using the chat effectively and getting your audience to participate in the Twitter chat, you can make your business a trusted voice and encourage your social media followers to return for more and more.

The four important stages of effectively using Twitter chat:

1) Curation: Information gathered can be utilized to spark better content and new editorial ideas. Participants will come up with new trends, help to identify key issues within the industry, and share insights on new avenues and opportunities for your business to explore.

2) Develop improved content: Once you have the ideas, you can create both on-page and off-page content and share it on social media. You can even compile a list of problems that need solutions and follow these up with articles or videos guides.

3) Repurpose your content: Once you have created the content, repurpose it into new types to improve the lifespan of your work. If you have found a valuable topic that needs a little more modification, implementing a new method to present the information to your audience will automatically increase its acceptance.

4) Review performance of the content: Reviewing your content’s performance helps you to understand whether or not the content you have produced has had positive impact or not. This will help you to judge how valuable the information is as a source for your content.

Run an A/B Test on Social Networks

As you share the same content to various social media channels using a different angle each time, test out which headlines work best and garner the most clicks:

  • Pick which two headlines you think will perform well for an article.
  • Share both of the headlines.
  • Compare the data for each to find out the best headline.

The data will help you determine which performed better. If you see a big difference in engagement on different headlines, you can even go back to the original post and change the title.

Utilize Facebook Shares

Let’s take a quick look at:

Content through social listening: Create a hashtag to listen to how people related to your brand see your content and use your brand on a daily basis. It’s an easy way to track conversations.

Improve your social media presence through shareable content: Create thought-provoking, conversation-starting content that triggers an emotional response that may compel people to share it with others.

Target specific demographics: The more specific you get, the more consistent your brand will appear. This allows you to focus on those people who are genuinely interested in your brand.

Use attractive procedures to engage your customers: Hosting contests or events is a great way to engage your customers and attract potential buyers. Once you see some of your customers clicking and sharing your content, eventually their friends may also start clicking and sharing the content.

Using LinkedIn to Deliver Personalized Content

LinkedIn is a powerful content marketing platform. It is a potent solution for delivering personalized content to audiences. To start your personalization plan, you have to follow certain steps:

Get personal with your audience by knowing:

  • Geographical location, especially when you want to address unique audience members.
  • What they care about.
  • About their family, community, and the role they play in their company.

Target different industries:

  • Target the company size.
  • Listen to what your audience has to say through social media listening tools.
  • Look at what each audience segment is talking about and accordingly create segment-specific content.
  • Participate in LinkedIn Groups and directly provide content without any sales message.

Google Authorship is a Must

Google Authorship is not just a byline and a photo attached to your content in Google search. Once you connect Google authorship with your Google+ profile, it creates a verified connection between the content and its creator. This gives Google the ability to identify quality, human-centric content.

These principles will undoubtedly raise the bar on your social media content marketing strategy and performance.

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William Johnson William Johnson belongs to the most creative field of digital media - web design. He is currently an Editor at Big Eye Deers and he is obsessed with the latest trends in ecommerce, SEO and social media analytics. He has been a regular contributor to leading online portals such as SEMrush, Small Business Trends and SocialMediaToday.

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  1. Big shout out to Twitter chats. I participate in them regularly and have found they’re an excellent way to have an online community meeting.

  2. Great article, William.  I really liked the three stages you mention at the beginning; very good things to consider, but easy things to forget, especially with companies newer to social media marketing. At Prose Media, we’re sure to focus on our audience, and here are some tips about how to do that:

  3. Great post William, thanks for the tips on twitter chats!

    Was wondering if you a familiar with oktopost? Can be really helpful for A/B testing on social media.

  4. Excellent Post William really appreciable work done by you i really like this and impress me
    Thanks for the Article

  5. William, the points/tips are really valid and all are actionable. Sharing content posts mutiple time (3 times I prefer 3 times) on social medias can really give awesome results. I worked for me. Never used Twitter chat and still to explore. Concentrating on Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest gave me the best result.

  6. Kristie Lorette McCauley

    Great ideas on fostering relationships with individuals on social media networks. Content is still very much king in the engagement process. The challenge is finding the right ways to distribute your content and this article spells out some great options.

  7. Very interesting I was looking to use Facebook but wasn’t sure what to do, so thanks for the pointers

  8. Social media marketing is not effective without audience participation. But you have to give them a reason to engage with your post or brand.

  9. As an SEO Expert, I’ve seen a direct correlation between Google Search Ranking and Social Shares even in 2019. So, sharing your content on social media is still highly recommended.
    Also, Linkedin’s Organic reach is at an all time High in 2019. Probably the trend would continue even in 2020.

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