Tekton Technologies Announces Release of New System Monitor 2.8 Application for iOS7 Devices

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Tekton Technologies is thrilled to announce System Monitor – Battery Health, Free Memory, Used Space 2.8 for iOS, a comprehensive health check for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The application monitors the memory in use, frees up unused memory to speed up your iPhone, and monitors battery life, running processes, and disk information on the user’s device. Now, the unique SPEEDOMETER APP for your iOS device, has been completely redesigned for iOS7 with its great look and feel, and ease of use. This comprehensive app combines health monitoring functions usually reserved for individual, dedicated apps. The vibrant 3D visuals along with impressive sound effects enhance the health check experience, making it easy to use and enjoyable for all users.

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Feature Highlights:
* Frees and monitors memory of the device
* Nice graphics consisting of speedometer, bar graph, and pie chart views
* Tap battery to see the capacity of your favorite apps.
* Tracks running processes.
* Show free and used space, IP address, operating system, and more.
* Helpful alerts notify users when their iDevice reaches system limits

Upon opening the application, the user may watch as the speedometer in first tab, Memory in Use, decreases. This vivid display demonstrates the app freeing the device’s memory and shows the user the amount of memory remaining in use. This flushing of cache memory prevents applications on the device from the crashing as a result of low memory. If they prefer, users may also double tap the Speedometer display to view the same information in a handy bar graph & key in the same vivid colors. This has an LED indicator with BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW and RED colors indicating the severity of memory being used.

The battery view shows the battery available for discharge, how much time to recharge to make it full, and when it is charged to FULL, displays an indication. It has LEDs on the top to let you know, how much battery is available. GREEN, YELLOW and RED indicators on battery are available.

Tap the battery on the fill, to show the detailed break up of battery availability.

Animated battery charging with current flashes inside the battery.

The other views are running process view, device info view and Used space views, all of these views show what’s happening on your iDevice in lucid and bright colors.

Look no further! System Monitor features a rich presentation on what’s happening inside your iPhone, that you have never experienced before.

For updates and more information visit:

Product page: http://sysmon.tektontek.com

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Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/tektontek

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