Vindico Announces Adtricity for Publishers to Help Fight Fraud

NEW YORK, May 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Leading ad management platform Vindico® today announced that publishers can have increased visibility into video ad campaign quality and performance from Adtricity.  Adtricity for Publishers provides transparency in campaign executions to enable publishers to see where and how the placements are executed on a daily basis so they can take necessary action to eliminate poor performing or potentially fraudulent domains from the publisher’s ecosystem.

Through expanded access, Adtricity for Publishers provides location-level data on all Adtricity metrics across Vindico-served campaigns. This granular data can be determined down to the domain level to provide greater transparency for the publisher’s ecosystem. This insight can also help increase ratings on campaigns that utilize Adtricity.

“Tools to fight fraud and clean up the space need to be available for both the buy- and sell-side in order to truly make an impact,” said Matt Timothy, president, Vindico. “Adtricity has been helping advertisers see quality measurement across their entire buys; it’s time to give publishers the same measurement system so they can better evaluate the domain partners within their ecosystem.”

As a third-party viewability and verification tool for advertisers, Adtricity ranks inventory managed and sold through networks and platforms on over 100 metrics. Adtricity for Publishers will provide the same standardized and transparent system of measurement across the 100+ metrics – such as viewable impressions, transparency rate and percentage of bot impressions – that are currently evaluated for the advertiser.

About Vindico
Vindico is the first ad management platform dedicated exclusively to video and currently manages more than one-third of all digital video ads in the US. Vindico’s enterprise platform for brands and agencies provides a single solution to deliver, create, measure and buy all of their digital video ad activity. Through proprietary technologies such as Adtricity and the Vindico Bid Manager, Vindico builds a safe and trusted market for media investment and industry growth. Adtricity is a trademark of, and Vindico is a registered trademark of, Vindico LLC. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter @Vindico_group.

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