Warbler Digital Launches Moball – The iBeacon Management Platform

LONDON, May 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – iBeacons are the newest kids on the block in terms of mobile marketing and everyone in the industry is pretty excited about the possibilities. iBeacons allow apps to be truly micro-location aware, that means you can deliver information, personalised offers, loyalty, advertising and payment options via rich push notifications to smartphones and other iOS 7 devices in close proximity to the beacon.  Whether that’s following a city tour on an iPad, finding out who’s playing as you roam a music festival or simply learning of a flash sale of overstock in a certain aisle of the supermarket, the opportunities are endless.

The iBeacon notifies, via Bluetooth, nearby devices of its existence at a location. It does not, as is commonly mistaken, actively push out notifications or track app users.  An iBeacon broadcast however, can ascertain when a user has entered, exited or lingered in a region; depending on an app user’s proximity to a beacon, they are able to receive different levels of interaction at each of three ranges, that is ‘immediate’ – within a few centimetres, ‘near’ – within a couple of metres and ‘far’ – more than 10 metres away.  It’s the application on the supporting device that handles all the logic after seeing nearby iBeacons and it is management of this technology where Warbler Digital can really help.

“It quickly becomes clear to our larger partners investigating iBeacons, that one of the biggest hurdles is organisational. A widely deployed iBeacon solution for a national or international client could potentially involve hundreds or thousands of iBeacons,” said Richard Counsell, CEO of Warbler Digital adding: “We’ve come at this from a really practical standpoint to enable those large-scale white label partners to roll out the opportunities, without the headaches.”

“The real focus needs to be on the content, logistics, software and management elements involved with using them. Without these elements finely managed, an iBeacon is simply a lump of chip and plastic, with them it’s a hugely compelling salesperson targeting customers from a few centimetres to fifty metres away without the imposing human element.”

Beacon Management Solution

Warbler Digital’s Moball platform includes a complete ‘Out of the Box’ Beacon Management System (BMS) for the smallest to the largest organisations. Its complete mobile Content Management System (CMS) includes Geofencing, loyalty, rich push messaging, analytics, app build, User Generated Content (UGC) and user management.

“We’ve made sure that iBeacons play nicely with all those other app tools, providing a slick overall management system, which we believe is essential in creating success from your investment,” said Counsell.

Agency partners  -white label without headaches

Moball’s iBeacon service allows marketing agency partners to focus on their core activities while it provides their clients with the management platform and network roll out. Because Moball can be ‘white labelled’, this means an agency partner can offer a large client a high volume solution using a chosen brand without fearing involvement in large-scale physical delivery.

iBeacon choices

There are currently nine manufacturers of the iBeacons. Various iBeacons have come to market including small coin cell and AA powered devices, USB sticks, and software versions using Bluetooth 4.0 capable USB dongles and even iBeacon sunglasses. One major consideration is the battery life, which Warbler Digital believes is worth paying extra for, since it enables greater powers in terms of targeting at different frequencies for longer and interaction with many beacons at one venue. The other major consideration is the capabilities within the iBeacon technology – it does vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and crucially the chosen Beacon type must have flexibility to connect with other programmes now and in the future (APIs). That’s why Warbler has chosen to offer Estimote iBeacons to its customers.

iBeacon Leasing

Warbler Digital can also lease iBeacons to your requirements and handle all the delivery and configuration. For example, if a client needed to get 1000 beacons to 1000 locations, Warbler can send them direct to each location and have them linked up to the client’s Moball account, ready to go.

“We also monitor the performance remotely and replace devices as required. This approach makes sense for partners requiring them for just short periods of time, like trade shows, events or festivals say or even as a trial.”

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If you’d like a chat about any aspect of a client request, technology, limitations or creative ideas you’ve had then feel free to call our iBeacon team. We work in strict confidence with all our partners and would be happy to contribute to even early stage ideas and plans. You can also access a free demo to see the platform for yourself.

If you are a member of the Press we would be glad to provide quotes or background information on the subject of iBeacons, iBeacon management, geo-fencing, rich-push messaging and video content.

Warbler Digital is a global company headquartered in the UK, with offices in the US (Chicago & Dallas), South Africa (Johannesburg) & Vietnam (Hanoi)

Please get in touch:

Helen Lancaster, Head of Communications, Warbler Digital Tel: +44(0)845-0176-386, Mob: +44(0)7968006632 email Helen.Lancaster@WarblerDigital.com

Richard Counsell, CEO Warbler Digital, Tel: +44-845-0176-386 or email richard.counsell@warblerdigital.com


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