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10 Killer Lessons for Entrepreneurs from Our Community

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From being careful about how your words and actions can affect your brand to a focus on the customer and about ongoing changes in technology and in the market, there’s a lot for an entrepreneur to keep in mind. In this week’s Community News and Information Roundup, we look at what the best blogs and communities have to say and come up with some killer lessons for all entrepreneurs. Enjoy!

What You Say May Hurt Your Brand [1] (The Franchise King)

Entrepreneurs are free to speak their minds just like everyone else. But aware that if what you say offends too many people, especially the customers you are trying to reach, it may be a problem. Game show host Pat Sajak, now spokesman for the Great American Deals franchise, may discover just that with comments he made about global warming recently, writes Small Business Trends franchise correspondent Joel Libava.

Customer Convenience Should Always Be Your Focus (Galapagos)

Innovation should be about making things better for your customers not about finding ways to exploit them for your benefit. But customer benefit isn’t the aim of some innovation, argues consultant Jeremi Summerhill. Here’s his suggestion for a better solution.

Effective Marketing is a Delicate Art [2] (Business2Sell.com)

The right marketing can make a business a success and involves effective branding. By comparison, the wrong marketing can hurt your business. Chelsea Bent shared this post with the BizSugar community leading to some further discussion [3] on the subject.

The Slightest Change Can Affect Your Business [4] (Tweak Your Biz)

If you think the mobile revolution has had a big impact on your site traffic, just wait until you see what wearable technology will do, writes Sudeep Banerjee, founder and president of webdesign firm B3NET Inc. Soon readers will be accessing your site via smartwatches and Google Glass. How will you need to adapt?

Saving Money Isn’t Everything (Anchor Accounting & Tax Inc.)

That’s especially true if the IRS comes after you for incorrectly classifying your employees as contractors. Accountant Jim Flauaus insists it’s not worth the risk and provides some guidelines.

Marketing Opportunities Are All Around (Tro Smith)

Sometimes the best marketing isn’t even something we create ourselves. It’s something created by our fans. Take this viral video by stranded traveler Richard Dunn. But Delta Airlines and McCarran International Airport may not have taken proper advantage of this opportunity, writes travel professional John Frenaye.

Your Personal Brand is Also Important (V3 Integrated Marketing)

Yes, your business needs a brand. But often it’s a good idea for you to have one too. Here marketing strategist Shelly Kramer outlines some approaches an entrepreneur can take to do just that.

Effective Collaboration is the Key to Success [5] (Small Business Sense)

And for effective collaboration to occur, it’s helpful to have the proper tools. Here Kim George lays put some of the most basic collaboration tools you’ll need. There’s also an infographic on the state of online collaboration for business. How is your business doing on collaboration tools?

It Always Helps to Love What You Do [6] (Medium.com)

When consultant Roy Opata Olende quit his job after his first child was born, it was with the idea of looking for another one while doing a bit of consulting on the side. He discusses here and in the BizSugar community [7] why he chose entrepreneurship instead.

You Must Know How To Make the Leap [8] (Mashable)

Being an entrepreneur isn’t like working for someone else. Sure, there are still customers to serve. But as far as calling the shots, it’s now all up to you. Adjusting to this new world of having no boss to answer to and having to find a way to motivate yourself takes time. Nellie Akalp shares this post with the BizSugar community and starts a lively conversation [9].

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