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11 Really Cool Things to Know about CDW

CDW lobby

Last month, business technology solutions provider CDW [1] brought me, along with several established tech bloggers, to Chicago to check out some of their facilities on behalf of Small Business Trends.

We got a fabulous warehouse tour.  Due to security protocols, the tour did not allow for any note taking or photography once we were inside the warehouse.  So my only photographs are from the reception area.

I could not even bring my bag (they didn’t want us to swipe any small boxes of phones, and heck, with everything you saw there once you set foot inside, you couldn’t blame them!).  But I thought it was quite an impressive facility and wanted to share what I learned about this behemoth of a company that I’ve had my eye on for years.

Fascinating CDW Statistics

CDW statistics - tech bloggers pictured before tour

My conclusion:  a truly impressive operation all the way around.   Employees appear happy and dedicated.  The level of automation and attention to detail for customer service was beyond anything I would have imagined, had I not seen CDW’s operations firsthand. The CDW statistics are a bit mind boggling.

And the best part is that you can immediately see how business customers of any size, including small businesses and midsized businesses, would benefit from CDW’s advanced automation systems combined with the dedicated human touch.

My message to the CDW hosts is that I would return in a New York minute because there was so much to see and learn about this electronics retailer.

Disclosure: CDW paid for my travel accommodations and food as a representative of Small Business Trends during this event.