These High School Entrepreneurs are Building the Next Google

high school entrepreneurs

The next Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs or Larry Page could still be in high school. Three 17-year-old students at Horace Mann School in Riverdale, N.Y. could be among these future tech entrepreneurs. The three have already developed a search tool some say could change the online landscape completely.

Sahil Gupta, Stan Zhang, and Cavan Klinsky, originally created Gevva as part of a high school hackathon competition. After winning a $500 prize for that accomplishment, the three avoided doing what other teenagers might have done, blowing it all clothing or entertainment. Instead they used the cash for an exhibitor fee at New York’s TechDay billed as “the world’s largest startup event.”

There, they had the opportunity to show off their creation amid big names in the tech world, including Microsoft, Yelp, Uber, and Gilt.

Explaining Geeva, Klinsky told Elite Daily:

“The average Internet user has a routine of things they do each day on the Web. For example, you use Google to look for directions, read the news or find a restaurant to eat at. The result you’re looking for is spread over many sites and Google bridges the gap. But Gevva takes the quickest headlines, best directions, best restaurants and unifies your result into one easy to use and fast package.”

While Gevva is still a work in progress, the event did present some opportunities for future growth. The trio spoke with potential investors, a few people interested in interning, and even received an offer for free office space.

high school entrepreneurs

It’s clear that the idea behind Gevva is intriguing and the ability of its founders is solid. They’re self-taught coders and clearly well versed in computers.

Technology has provided endless possibilities for people of all ages and backgrounds to create something truly groundbreaking. The fact that these three budding tech entrepreneurs are still in high school makes their venture even more impressive. But it’s only one example of what’s possible.

Think of  entrepreneurs who have used technology to launch a business based on a long-time hobby or build an advanced piece of gadgetry at a significantly lower price. Consider how you can use technology to create something truly unique in your business.

Now, start looking for the tools and developing the skills you need to succeed.

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  1. Unfortunately it looks more evolutionary than revolutionary, so even if it gets some legs Google could replicate the functionality and cut them down in a few days. The “next Google” will have to do something radically different to disrupt the search space.

    • Right. One of my concerns is that they are competing in the search field – a field that Google clearly dominates. I think they may have a better chance of selling the idea to Google or just working for the company instead of competing with them.

      • I’m more focused on the fact that they’ve come up with something like that. That there’s even a discussion about them being or not being competitors is a good thing in my books.

      • I agree it will definitely be a tough field for them to compete in, but the fact that they’ve even gotten this far in such a short amount of time is impressive. If they tie in some new ideas and tech as it evolves, it could be an interesting startup to watch.

      • I see this as a success, regardless of where it goes or ends up. The minds and belief that can create that, can go on to create many other (greater) things.