Patreon Offers Crowdfunding for Content Creators Like You


If you’re familiar with crowdfunding and sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, you know these are often intense projects that require a lot funding in a short amount of time. Traditional crowdfunding is a great avenue to quickly launch and market new products, but it might not be the best way to raise funds for people who create content on a regular basis: Like you, writers, bloggers, artists and musicians.

What Is Patreon?

Patreon is a crowdfunding site for the ongoing projects of artists and other content creators. Fans can support their favorite work through monthly pledges or by release (like per video or song). The site was founded in 2013 as a means to empower digital content and patrons of the arts. There are over 50,000 patrons currently supporting 20,000 creators and projects launched to date, including some popular Web comic artists like SMBC and YouTubers like tech geek Chris Pirillo.

The average pledge is $8 and the milestones are wide open according to Anthony Privitelli of the Patreon team. “Every creator has their own unique milestone goals from removing advertisements, to uploading a private video to their patrons, to buying new studio equipment,” Privitelli said.

The Patreon Team

It turns out Jack Conte, chief executive of Patreon, is a creator too and doesn’t even take a salary Anthony said. Rather, his income comes entirely from his own Patreon page.

We asked Anthony how the project got started and what to expect from the future of the platform. He told us:

“Patreon came from the brilliance of our CEO Jack Conte. Jack is a multi-instrumental musician himself and a YouTuber who wasn’t earning enough from his Google AdSense to be a full time musician like he always dreamed of. So he basically turned to his fans from YouTube to see if they would throw him $1 or $5 for his next video… $5,000 later he knew he was on to something. So he called his freshman roommate from Stanford (Sam Yam, co-founder of Patreon) to build the site. Now harkening from modern day patronage we have Patreon – to support the creators you love.

Patreon is what you make of it! The only secret recipe for success on Patreon is having an engaged community around you. It doesn’t matter if you have a fan base of 100 people or 100 million people. What matters is the engagement!”

Patreon is an interesting new player in the crowdfunding game that could shift the balance towards more permanent and sustainable efforts. Patreon also has an API in the making and we hope to allow creators and patrons to share their favorite campaigns on our content marketing platform soon too.

You can check out the new Patreon page for Screaming Social: The Comic here!

Image: Patreon

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  1. it’s nice to hear that there is now a platform that can help artists and writers. As an artist myself, I always look for ways to support other artists. Crowdfunding for artists would be a big blessing for my endeavors.

    • Aira,

      What kind of art do you create?

      You could support my blogging and podcasting with as little as USD $ 1 per month, if you want! 🙂

      If I get a bunch of friends, fellow bloggers and podcasters, supporting my work, I can put even more energy, time into it and be able to afford to invest in new podcasting equipment, studio time and storage subscription fees for my content.

      Couldn’t my work be worth the equivalent of cup of tea every month? 😉 See the different pledge levels for more information on what you get if you support my work! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for sharing info about Patreon. I love the concept! I love the name! And the second video made me chuckle!

    Gonna look into this for myself as I’m an artist – always creating or thinking of creating. This might be just the thing for me.

    • Ebele,

      Yeah, Patreon’s music video presentation of the company is pretty hilarious! 😉

      I recommend that you read my post, Become a Patron of the Content Creators, and listen to my podcast, Podcast. Click on my name, Martin Lindeskog, and you will get to my post & podcast on EGO NetCast.

      • They look like a fun team – down-to-earth – I’d want to meet them.

        Will check out your post. I’m unfortunately not in a position to support as I’m in need of artistic support myself in that department. 🙂

        Take care and all the best with your campaign. May we all receive the support we need so that we’re able to continue to be of service.

  3. I recently set up a page (Lyceum) on Patreon. If you want to support my blogging and podcasting, please check out my video.

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  4. Martin Lindeskog

    One of biggest advantages with Patreon is that you could keep producing material free of charge to your fellow podcasters, bloggers, fans and supporters, but you could get a residual income on your labor of love in the long-run.

    I have tested a service called Flattr, but there you had to set up an account with a monthly budget and then distributing the allocated money to the content creators you had “flattred” every month, and at the same time, you couldn’t count on getting anything back. I ended up giving away money every month, without getting so much back.

  5. FYI: I am now a patron of Daniel Zeevi’s work with creating social screaming comics! 🙂

  6. Ebele:

    Did you hear the news? Patreon has received a funding round of USD $ 15 million!

  7. Martin Lindeskog

    Ebele: Yes, it is great news! Go to www. patreon .com / patreon and look for their video announcement.

    Have you set up a page on Patreon yet?

    I have got my first patron! 🙂