Think You’re Lucky? The Power of Optimistic Thinking Could Mean Cash!

power of optimistic thinking

When National Geographic took to the streets to ask people if they felt lucky or unlucky, little did the people know they were partaking in an experiment of positive thinking – and $20 was at stake.

In the experiment, passersby were asked whether they considered themselves lucky or unlucky. Then they were handed a newspaper and asked to count the number of images they saw. Those who produced the right answer would win $20.

There was a trick, though, that 60% of the people who considered themselves lucky caught, versus just 20% of those who considered themselves unlucky.

It turns out that if you think you’re lucky, you’re more likely to succeed!

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Image: Video Still

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  1. It’s always mind over matter. If you think that you can do it, there is always a greater chance of pulling it off. And if you think otherwise, then you are somehow influencing yourself to fail. I have tried it in different aspects in my life and it works.

    • Agreed, Aira. We are actually very powerful. If you believe you can do something, it goes some way to making it happen, because your actions often support that belief.

      And if you believe you can’t, you’ll often prove to yourself that you can’t by the actions you don’t take to support that belief.

  2. I’m somewhere in-between. Sometimes I think and feel lucky. Sometimes I don’t.

    In terms of the newspaper, I saw 7 images, but I didn’t see the trick!

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