Use SocialCentiv to Strike While the Iron is Hot with Your Customers on Twitter

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Twitter is awesome. It’s growing and there are so many of us Tweeting away – all kinds of things.

The challenge is that since there is so much on Twitter, you can’t possibly keep up to what’s relevant to drive leads (and customers) to your business.

SocialCentiv, from the team at HipLogiq, helps you not only keep up, but respond to users as well.

If you sell food, repair shoes, repair cars, sell toilet paper – you can use SocialCentiv to find keywords in your area and send the Tweeter a relevant offer.

What I find deliriously awesome about this relatively new crop of social media add-on tools is that for small business, there are so many ways to get more done on social media, make yourself more productive and make money.

There’s a nice video below about how it works:

Image: SocialCentiv

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  1. Is this effective? I am feeling somewhat wary of sending random offers to people just because of their description. I think it still works better to get to know the prospect before you sell anything.

  2. My question is, am I able to earn if I am located in the caribbean advertising for a US company as an affiliate?

No, Thank You