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Chromebook Cloud Communcations Could Replace Office Phones

chromebook cloud communications

A system originally intended for call centers could enhance your team’s communications and even replace your office phone system. Google has partnered with Twilio [1], a cloud communications provider, to introduce Twilio CX for Chromebooks [2].

The idea is to provide a complete cloud-based communications system with inbound phone numbers (some of the them toll free) for a few dollars a month and costing [3] just a few pennies per minute on each call.

The system has other features too. For instance, it includes text messaging, conferencing with up to 40 callers and the ability to create recordings or transcriptions of a call, again for pennies per minute.

The system could also be set up in minutes, according to Twilio, and could be run through the browser of an average Chromebook.

A quick video introducing the new service explains why it may be attractive to both those setting up call centers as well as small and medium sized businesses looking for inexpensive but flexible communication options:

The idea is to change communications systems, a big part of your IT budget, from a capital investment to a monthly subscription that can be part of your regular operating expenses.

There are two reasons this might matter to you, depending upon the cost and complexity of your current communications system:

There are certainly many business communications options out there today. But, if your business involves customer service, sales or other calling in or out, it’s possible a cloud-based communications solution might fill your needs.